tour On: The Best Vacation Planners

Vikash Manoharan,Business Head

Vikash Manoharan

Business Head

Travel and tourism industries are gradually on a high rise in recent times. With the eventual demands in traveling and exploring new places, India is gradually progressing with their Startup tourism businesses within the country. tourOn is one of the best travel startups in India. tourOn offers rather diverse facilities, geographically, and supports Niche tourisms as well. tourOn, although being one of the new startup companies in India, has been serving in more than 18 countries already.

tourOn is famous for its no package and customized travel startup facilities. Vikash Manoharan, the Business Head of tourOn says that, "We are the best vacation planners and have been listed among the top five tourism companies in 2019. We give importance to every traveler and look after their needs. Our company was established back in 2018 and ever since then we are striving to move even further so as to provide our customers with best experiences in traveling."

Work Environment Fosters Its Cultures
tourOn is famously known for their work cultures and the services which they render. tourOn is best known for their start-up
travelling facilities. They are excellent in making tour plans for their clients and offer rather tailor-made services. They offer no package services to their customers, hence not limiting their tourism plans, which make them a unique startup company in India.

Vikash emphasizes that, "Our workforce environment is what makes us one of the best travel startups in India. We work with rather positive and eco-friendly intentions. Our workforce is very much determined and friendly to our clients which foster our work culture. We have given complete freedom to our employees which have shown great positive results for us in the meantime in terms of our services. Apart from this, the family-like bonding within the members of our team is what makes us the best fit in the field. "

Trust Is Its Strength
Trust is the main factor which tourOn believes in. The company works with the intentions of building a strong trust with their clients. The company does not believe in any kinds of guidelines, but trust. tourOn works with the motives of helping out and supporting their clients. The company rather believes that nurturing trust among the employees and clients helps them to understand their demands and needs further.

Travel at your choice with “tour On” with your expectations by our plans.

Vikash states, "The reason for starting up in India is because I wanted to do something of my own. I believe that trust among the employees is the main factor which drives the business further. Hence, we look after fostering this trust as our main weapon in our business startup. We deal in tour plans rather than handing out packages, breaking the chains of the society, traditionally."

Future Insights
The company is trying to get into the markets of other cities in India as well. They are concerned in making their business more effective and are very much determined in spreading it even further to get proper domestic recognition. Vikash concludes, "We are planning ahead further to spread out our business into the different other parts of India. Our main aim for the future is to present our business to the public in such a way so as to convince them to opt our method of travelling.”