Trade Brains: A Progressive Step Towards DIY Investing, Financial Literacy & Stock Analysis

 Kritesh Abhishek ,  Founder & CEO

Kritesh Abhishek

Founder & CEO

The journey from finding an alternate source of income to becoming a retail investor is getting more straightforward, thanks to the advancements and adoption of technology by the entire trading ecosystem. The rapid rise of online trading platforms and the ease of starting the investment journey has empowered people. However, they need to ensure that they continue trading in the long run. Today's investors wish to research independently instead of solely relying on the expert's opinion. Keeping oneself adrift in stocks and market fluctuations, equipping themselves with the correct information, and taking expert guidance are gaining more traction than the trading itself. With this thought in mind, Kritesh Abhishek started writing articles in 2018 to create awareness around investing. Today, the blog has transformed into an app under the name Trade Brains. It offers various services to increase financial literacy, promote DIY investing, and provide a stock analysis platform.

Bengaluru-based Trade Brains provides tools and products around the stock market to helpretail investors make investments and trades independently. "We have financial education, stock analytics tools, and news platforms, and we can help people with the stock market trading and investing through our tools” says Kritesh, Founder of Trade Brains. Kritesh aims to create an ecosystem around the stock market and has partnered with some prominent institutions so that Trade Brains can provide trading facilities to their customers. For now Trade Brains operates three verticals to empower retail investors.

FinGrad, Portal News
The first vertical is FinGrad, a financial learning platform where DIY investors can equip themselves with financial knowledge through comprehensive online courses and webinars. They can choose from over 60 courses and webinars and learn about stock market trading concepts like working in the stock market, starting trading, investing in mutual funds, and investing longterm. The platform aims to increase financial literacy by
focusing on educating and training individuals in the field of finance and stock market investing. There is an entire gamut of courses offered in English and Hindi.

The second vertical is Trade Brains Portal, a stock analytics tool. Investors can gather stock market data of the companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE. The investor can gain insight into the performance and financials of these companies on this portal. Further, the portal has additional tools like Stock Screener, Stock Compare, Watchlist, and Portfolio Analysis. The aim is to empower investors to make their own decisions instead of providing recommendations. There are currently more than 1,10,000 registered users on the portal, with over 1 lakh downloads on Google and Apple Store with a high rating of 4.7 out of 5.

We have financial education, stock analytics tools, and news platforms, and we can help people with the stock market trading and investing through our tools

The third vertical is Trade Brains News, a news platform that provides daily stock market news, such as what's happening in the market, which stocks are going up, and which stocks are going down. What are the new corporate actions, such as new corporate announcements, dividends, and bonuses? Every day, the Trade Brains team publishes around 25 to 30 news on this platform.

Past & Future
Since the company's initial days, the idea was to be a research and content company to empower investors to make decisions on their own. Kritesh used to write blogs, and upon moving to Bengaluru in 2018, he incorporated the company, took up a co-working space, and hired a few interns for the development team. In 2019, they launched the full-fledged website and started noticing regular market update articles on the platform. In 2020, Trade Brains launched a web version of the stock analytics platform Trade Brains Portaland a portal app was launched by the end of 2020. In 2021, Trade Brains News began, where initially, their blogs and articles were limited to the market. Later, the company gathered an operative team of financial analysts and researchers who write news about what's happening in the market. And in 2022, Trade Brains launched FinGrad.

"We have plans to grow our portal app and empower the retail investors to do the independent financial stock market analysis. Our second goal is to enhance financial literacy, where we have plans to tie up with schools and colleges to empower the students who want to learn about finance and education” shares Kritesh. Over the years, the company has wished to create a nifty app where every retail investor can find everything related to the stock market from learning to daily finance news and analytics.