TrademarkClick: A One Stop Solution Provider for IP Registrations, Trademark and Copyright Related Services

Meena Bansal,Proprietor

Meena Bansal


The modern era of globalisation has made creativity and innovation the ‘Next big Thing’ in today’s business world. Many companies have ushered up to become one of the world’s leading markets and hub for innovation and research & development. With the growing trends and the huge competition among the companies, Intellectual Property Rights has emerged as a strategic business tool for any business to enhance its competitiveness. Starting right from the logos and corporate identity, products and services has helped a company to enhance its brand visibility. Also with the rise of internet many companies have been benefitted in promoting and marketing their tools online but at the same time it has also led to the increase of Intellectual Property theft. Observing that the Intellectual Property Industry is assessed to have a huge potential in the global market and help companies enhance their business growth, a Delhi based Legal firm, TrademarkClick has emerged as an online legal platform with its
unique initiative of making the process of Intellectual Property registrations and protections much easier and simplified by making it available to the masses on the web.

Unique Offerings at ‘One Click’

Incorporated in 2016, Trademar Click acts as a one stop solution provider to the matters and queries related to trademark. The company aims to offer trademarks at affordable fees and enables a hassle free registration process by making it available at ‘just one click’. Elaborating on this, Meena Bansal, Proprietor, TrademarkClick, says, “Established as an online portal, we try to benefit our clients from any part of the world in easy filing of the application at the level of their own comfort. Through our platform we ensure to make the process transparent and help them in saving their time and energy by making the services available at just one click.” Being an extraordinary legal firm that offers buying and selling of intangible assets like patent, copyright, trademark, franchise license online, the company also offers its services under two main types of Intellectual Property Protection. The key service offered by the company includes Trademark and Copyright services. “We enable our clients with detailed search reports in order to find out if the logo or the name they want to protect is available or not. On the other hand, we charge the nominal amount of INR 1500 only in filing of trademark and help with copyright in order to
protect their logo, website codings, Website Content, Music Videos , Literary Work and such others,” says Bansal.

TrademarkClick aims to offer a user friendly interface to make brand protection easy like never before

The other ancillary services offered by TrademarkClick includes filing reply to examination report, change in proprietors name, address, defending a trademark opposition among others.

Believing that productivity and passion of employees depends upon leadership, the team of TrademarkClick with 4 members today has made its space through a unique online legal portal that extends affordable and convenient services to the masses in protecting their brand and creativity. Overcoming the initial challenges of developing a user friendly product, team building and such others, the company aims to offer a user friendly interface to make brand protection easy like never before. “From a unique platform of easy registration and filing of trademark, we want to expand our services onto other aspects of Intellectual Property Protection related services like Patents and Designs,” concludes Bansal.