TrakingPro: Innovative GPS Tracking Services

Shamim Akhtar,Managing Director

Shamim Akhtar, Managing Director

GPS vehicle tracking in today’s time has been a pivotal edge for any business to achieve. Earlier, it was beyond of thinking of live tracking but the blessings of science have made the task easier with the advance featured GPS tracking devices for cars. Research on GPS technology has helped Kolkata based TrakingPro set a strong foothold in the GPS tracker technology sector. TrakingPro, a product owned by Shireen Electronics Private Limited is based on GPS tracker technology and provides GPS tracking services. The company since inception has come a long way to be known as one of the leading companies in the GPS tracker sector and as an acknowledged pioneer of GPS tracking devices in India. “I was very passionate about technologies from my childhood.
And in this ever-changing and rapidly growing IoT sector we are now one of the best GPS tracker device companies,” speaks Shamim Akhtar.

" Primarily placed in Kolkata, TrakingPro has spread its wings in almost every state of India "

The company began its journey in 2014 from scratch and with the team’s unbreakable will power and confidence in its service; it has come a long way. Being a startup, TrakingPro has had its fair share of challenges and have strived to make a mark among the growing competition in the ever-changing market. “From the very beginning till now challenges are like tide they never stop. But for a startup, it’s very challenging to keep their dedication and patience in place. So the most challenging part was to expand our business in pan India basis in the very early stage. But our dedication and hard work make the task easier for us. From zero to now, we have crossed miles with 500+ happy customers,” he mentions.

A GPS device company, TrackingPro provides GPS services for personal need and for assets’ protection too. The company offers 4 GPS devices which include personal GPS tracker that helps one take care of
family members, pets, TPro 02, TPro 03, and OBD02. These are used for cars, bikes, big vehicles, fleets, and others. “These GPS devices contain some of the customizable options too. So the new generation cars are also eligible to avail the services,” he informs.

The Growth Story
The success story of TakingPro can be attributed to the relentless efforts of the team who leaves no stone unturned to carve a niche in the market. The company does its best to maintain an informal culture where work and fun go hand in hand. “We’re pretty adamant about responsibility and respecting those in authority, but we also do fun things to give the employee some entertainment,” he adds.

Primarily placed in Kolkata, TrakingPro has spread its wings in almost every state of India. There are 11 distributors all over India to help it grow faster. “We are also in process of making some new tying ups with some new distributors. There are some dealers as well to sign the tie-up agreement down the line,” he says. In the years to come, team TrakingPro wishes to expand its reach worldwide basis and aims to cater most of the percentage of the GPS device market.