Transcent Labs: Delivering Powerful, High-Quality Electric Bikes

D.R. Ghode, Founder

Mobility around the world, at present is going through a tectonic shift where multiple advanced technologies are seen maturing and converging to unlock tremendous value for everyone. Mobility is likely to be disrupted by cloud technologies and advanced physics and the delivery of these disruptions will be enabled through high quality electric vehicles which can guarantee the core experience of availability, reliability, comfort, style and affordability across all customer touch-points. Pune headquartered Transcent Labs is gearing to deliver these core experiences at high quality by focusing on grounds-up business fundamentals. “At the core of our business it means continuously investing in highly efficient, agile and scalable business processes along-with a strong network of right people aligned to our vision. These business processes and network will be the core engine for sustainably delivering disruptions to the market,”informs D.R. Ghode, Founder. The company is establishing fundamentally strong business model powered by the right processes, efficient microeconomics and networks to deliver high quality bikes and experiences. “This requires a longer term view, in-depth efforts and patience but we are committed
to stay resilient and customer centric and look forward to weather the market dynamics,”he mentions. Transcent’s smart grid product roadmap includes development of portable install-any where chargers, recyclable batteries and block-chain based metering. The team is very experimental and innovative and is keen to develop in-house battery recycling capabilities and dreams to own the largest battery grids in future. “Ultimately, we plan to become an energy company. We are also poised to introduce blockchain based energy metering,” he says. That's the long term vision. For now our eyes are fixed on core user experience in electric scooter market which is growing at a really fast rate.

Transcent's smart grid product roadmap includes development of portable install-anywhere chargers, recyclable batteries and block-chain based energy metering.

Glide Pro& Glide X
Currently,the company is launching Glide Pro, its flagship bike with the intent of providing a performance first, stylish, reliable and affordable bike. This bike caters to the utilitarian customer segment and satisfies all expectation of performance expectations. Glide X on the other hand is meant to change your view of electric bikes. It has a beastly super bike design which is currently not available even in the regular fuel models. It is meant to turn the heads around and belongs to the hedonistic customer segment.“The response for both bikes has been amazing. Right from end-customers, dealer to friends and family,we see an air of
freshness and a change in perception towards electric bikes. We see that people are keen to own our models,”he asserts. To simplify the adoption of electric vehicles for average Indian customers, team Transcent ensures complete legal compliance to begin with, reducing the problems of EMIs,insurance, warranties, RTO processes, and others. Ghode avers, “We will be setting up company owned service centers and dealership centers and will also invest in in-house manufacturing of core components depending on the need for quality, required availability, cost.” In terms of awareness, the team guarantees transparent conversations and gives their best to help the customers get on-boarded to the world of electric bikes. “We have seen that investing our time in talking and spreading awareness to our customers helps in not only understanding our customers better but also establish better connect and catalyze word of mouth. Customers and dealers always come back around as we deepen our communication with them,” he adds.

The Road Ahead
Going further, the team has plans to establish business model to deliver best quality experience and products, introduce cloud based technologies and experiences and then foray into adjacent energy verticals to create synergies with existing business models. “We embody our mission to continuously innovate and transcend beyond the current boundaries and explore new territories in the field of mobility and energy,” he concludes.