Traversia: An intuitive Website and Application design and development company

Marla V Shastry,Founder & CEO

Marla V Shastry

Founder & CEO

From website to mobile applications, every business invests in its consumers by investing in smart and intuitive tech-enabled solutions to provide them with a smooth and friendly user experience. This has created a huge demand for companies that provide website and application development. Traversia is a design and development company specializing in app and web solutions. Established in 2019 by Founder and CEO, Mr. MV Shastry, Traversia focuses on developing consumer applications which are intuitive, creative, fast, and provide exemplary user experience.

Along with developing websites, web and mobile applications, Traversia also has proprietary travel booking solutions for Travel Management Companies, Corporate and B2B Travel Managers. These solutions work as a unified plat-form to manage all travel and related ancillary services. The mantra at Traversia is to build uncomplicated tech by providing ­Simple, Smart and Scalable solutions.

A Collaborative and Informal Team Environment
The work culture at Traversia reflects collaboration and team work. The emphasis is on working as one cohesive unit towards common goals and at the same time for team members to be able to focus on their individual learning, professional and personal
growth. The satisfaction derived from creating a good software/solution is what drives the team and keeps them going.

Traversia provides a challenging, collaborative and learning conducive environment to its team and hence can attract and retain good talent. Over a period of two short years, the company has built a strong team of enthusiastic developers and creative product geniuses. The primary focus is to create great products & solutions backed by latest technologies by empowering its team both intellectually and financially. The salaries and benefits offered by the company is very much in line with tech industry benchmarks.

Today Traversia has 12 dynamic members across its product, technology and support teams. The members are experienced professionals from multiple industry verticals. The senior management team consists of three members­ Mr. MV Shastry (Founder & CEO), Mr. Sunil Sampath (VP, Project Management and Operations) and Mr. Abhishek Marla (International Markets). The management continually guides their employees towards professional growth by encouraging them to take various professional courses, learning new technologies & skills The team is provided with valuable feedback on a time-to-time basis which helps them introspect, learn, and grow. The recruitment process is a combination of personal interviews and practical assignments.

Each member of the team is aware of their roles and responsibilities and there is a seamless transition between projects right from conceptualization, product design, development, testing and final delivery.

Web and App Development across various industries along with our proprietary travel solutions will be our prime driver.
Traversia primarily started with the idea to focus on travel and related technology solutions. Despite the pandemic the company has built robust technology solutions for TMCs, Travel B2B and Corporate. It has also diversified into building non-travel solutions and today Traversia is into building apps for the consumer industry as well as for many other industry verticals.

It has recently developed a CSR based employee engagement platform called Karma Pact for a US based startup. This solution is currently in beta testing. The company is also in advanced discussion with 2 food delivery and one e-commerce start up to build apps for them. While travel still remains one of the core areas of business, as the company progresses, it will continue to focus on rapid app development applications and prototyping for various industry verticals.