TravTigers: Travel with Convenience


Understanding the client specifications holds priority for a travel management company. It brings out the much needed clarity and trust between the company and the customer and secures a steady business relationship. With 18 years of experience in the travel sector, Deepak Swarup along with his friend Divyaranjan Behera took off with TravTigers in the year of 2015. “We started out as a travel marketplace but agents who were displaying products on our website didn't follow the guidelines properly and were not maintaining standards. We got feedback from clients that it could have been better which is why we thought to deliver it ourselves”, says Deepak.

Experiencing TravTigers
On a very revolutionary note, TravTigers’ product lining is marching hand in hand with the changes in the country. All women tour packages play a major role in the functioning of the company. “All women travel wherein we have developed packages for women and girls, travelling alone who won’t need any male partner or anyone guarding the group. Single women, who would like to travel,
can definitely come to us wherein the group leader is a woman. We pick them up from home and take them to the airport. And after they come back, we drop them home. The pick and drop facility from home to airport and vice versa is complimentary from our side”, states Divyaranjan.

"TravTigers has successfully generated a YOY growth of 50 percent and has secured over 10,000 happy customers"

Incepted with a humble setting, TravTigers have grown considerably without any external help. Enumerating the travel destinations, Deepak says, “Our destinations cover the primary locations of Asia such as Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. We have also extended our reaches to some of the popular destinations of Europe. We are even travelling to some of the Indian Ocean coastline destinations like Mauritius and Maldives. TravTigers happens to have its associate offices for these destinations as well.”

Apart from this, group travel and honeymoon packages have become a matter of pride for TravTigers. Divyaranjan says, “We have wonderful feedback on the honeymoons organised in Mauritius, Bali and different places. So, honeymoons and group travels have been our forte. We are organising almost 7-8 group travels a month in which the number of participants vary from 25 to 250.”
Overcoming the Difficulties
The challenge TravTigers faces right now is related to the recent discrepancies that have arose in the travel industry where the hotels are boycotting the travel companies. This is because the rates, the packages and the flight fares offered by the online platforms are mostly at the cost of a dent in their own pockets. Resultantly, it gets harder to compete with the discounted price of these platforms. But being optimistic about his vision, Deepak states, “The scenario is changing and people have been wise enough to understand the service structure of online travel companies and travel management companies like us. We offer them a personal touch in every service that they require and now they know the importance of going through a travel management company offline rather than booking a package online.”

What’s Next
The growth map of TravTigers has been a promising one. Since its inception in 2015, the company has successfully generated a YOY growth of 50 percent and has secured over 10,000 happy customers. Visioning the future of the company, the founders conclude, “We are coming up with a hotel booking application which would be again different from the applications or websites available in the market. In December 2019 we are planning to launch it and will come up with news very soon.”