Treat at Home: Healthcare Just at a Finger Touch Away

Dr. M. Saleem,  Founder & CEO

Dr. M. Saleem

Founder & CEO

When food, costumes, cosmetics, medicine and every product under the sun is available at the door step then why not healthcare services? The thought trigged Dr. M. Saleem - M.S. MCh(Ortho) Consultant Ortho & Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital, Karaikudi unit, as he was serving NRI patients who were obtaining treatment here and observed that they need necessary follow-up after the treatment. He also noticed that people abroad would not provide immediate support to their family residing in India. When it comes to healthcare support, it was a serious concern. Focusing on this aspect and to resolve the imbalance prevailing in the healthcare sector, he established Treat at Home next generation mobile/web platform that connect patients and healthcare providers to ensure quality, valuable and cost effective healthcare at home.

The platform emerged to solve healthcare needs of people and elders living alone, it lets anyone book healthcare services for their loved ones anytime, anywhere. It eliminates the commuting troubles of patients and delivers medicines at the users place. Treat at Home is providing an unconventional solution and it is recognized as first of its kind company that tries to caters to all the healthcare services under one roof and simply.
The company furnishes eight different healthcare services at home. Users can book home doctor visits, nurses, care takers, home physiotherapy sessions, ambulance, medicine delivery and various diagnostic services from the convenience of their homes. “We also provide users with the option to book hospital appointments prior to their visits to make sure they don’t have to wait anymore. Apart from the healthcare services we have a remote patient monitoring system under development. With the use of a wearable medical device, doctors can continuously monitor the vital stats of users who needed follow up checkups. This will be useful for elders and pregnant women, who need constant monitoring and support to be available when needed,” says Dr. M. Saleem.

Treat at Home is looking forward to make healthcare more accessible and efficient by reducing its cost and increasing quality

He further adds, “Our speciality is that we don't employ but aggregate thousands of existing healthcare providers to millions of patients and elders who are in need of home healthcare diagnostic and other medical services. Be it a village, city or a town we are everywhere. Users can choose the service provider of their choice and nearest to them for faster delivery of service. Users can track providers in map till they finish the service. We provide automated and remote patients monitoring system connected with doctors. There is no upfront payment like other platforms. Both our app and web are multilingual.”

Building the strategies, it launched marketing campaigns and crossed the 10k download mark for the app in Google play store within three months. It has more than 5k users and 3k healthcare providers registered only in Tamilnadu. It has done more than 3k bookings so far with positive feedbacks in return.

Eyeing the future, it aims to the unicorn in the field of healthcare. The company is looking forward to make healthcare more accessible and efficient by reducing its cost and increasing quality. It is currently operating in Tamilnadu with head office in Chennai. “We set ourselves a goal to reach 50k downloads in play store and 30k bookings to be done within March '20. Our current average booking rate is between 15 to 30 per day and we are working towards 100 bookings a day. We plan to expand throughout India after March '20 and our team is confidently working to become the biggest tech healthcare provider right now,” he concludes.