Trendloud : Resonating Media Trends

Chidambaram Natesan , Director & CEO Raja Ramamurthy, Managing Director,

Chidambaram Natesan

Director & CEO

Chennai, the biggest city of south Indian state Tamilnadu, a talent welcoming land is hub of the Tamil cinema industry having the biggest film studios and post-production facilities with state of art equipment! Of course, the industry is muddled with diversity in every nook & corner; also the ways in which it is promoting itself is also diversified. Though there are several alternatives to publicize, content is the master for portraying the presence. Moreover, the digital era is thriving the need for great content and effective marketing & management to seize attention. One such company that has mastered the art of content marketing, management & distribution and has marked its forte in content creation in the landscape of media & entertainment is TrendLoud.

Chidambaram Natesan and Raja Ramamurthy who comes with robust experience in handling a digital portfolio and international expansion of top-notch brands and has varied exposure to media, entertainment & digital media industry ventured the company in the year 2015. The avid entrepreneurs with their experience & proficiency understood the market and its needs. Viewing the wide opportunity in the South, they partnered with a reputed brand in the sector which has three decades of existence in the same field and boosted the launch of TrendLoud.

The company is ventured with a purpose to create a culture where the new is nurtured, encouraged and motivated, where creators can freely create, curate & cultivate their
explorative and digital skills. It offers an array of services like TrendLoud Originals that brings the newest and most exciting ideas on screen and showcases 100+ hours of original content available across leading OTT platforms. Apart from this, it also focuses on Internet media production, celebrity ORM, digital media marketing services and content licensing on online media portals.

“With a Talent-first approach, we partner with the best and the brightest creative storytellers to produce timeless assets designed to drive engagement, encourage sharing, and inspire human emotions that people want to experience,” says Chidambaram Natesan, Director & CEO.
The company is catalyzed with technology to ease the path for creators, brands, celebs, and audiences in the endless digital space.

At present, Trendloud is focusing to grab the content space and had already acquired the kollywood & tollywood market

In today’s content era, TrendLoud is the front runner that has created and produced 17 Web Series across all genres. It has collaborated with brands like Kurkure, OLX, Cadbury, BigBazaar, Trivago, and Tinder and as a content marketer it is also acting as an official digital marketing partner for a couple of brands and Leading OTT Platforms .
Beginning the journey as a digital management service provider for content providers, the company is adding new verticals to its service portfolio and is now creating own short & long-form content. Summing up the journey as a steady experience, the major break through was witnessed when it dealt with the first project led by Balaji Mohan, Director, Maari 2.

At present, the company is focusing to grab the content space and had already acquired the Kollywood & Tollywood market. It is looking forward to taking a hold on Sandalwood & Mollywood in the future. Partnering with the giants it is providing digital channel management services and other offerings to scale the reputation of celebrities. While operating from Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Bombay & Delhi it has also lately established an office at Singapore