Tribe Student Accommodation & CoLiving: International Long stay Living Experiences for Students and Professionals

Shantam Mehra,Co-Founder

Shantam Mehra


The on-going developments in the education sector of India in terms of the increasing number of students and reformations in policy catalyses the need to provide adequate housing for students. India has the largest youth demography in the world which implies to the fact that the country needs to pay sufficient attention to the overall well-being of a student migrating to different cities and states to pursue a career or academic education. Hence the appropriate accommodation for students maintaining hygiene, security measures and healthy ambience are gradually becoming the need.

However, the standard of lifestyle in student PGs and the residential space inside academic campuses is generally not up to the mark. The inadequate focus on hygiene regarding food and sanitation, lack of sufficient security measures and medical support makes the lives of students even more challenging. Hostels maintaining the same conventions for over 100 years are very unlikely to take special notice on how to make an ideal environment in the student housing space that increases the productivity of a student so that they can thrive in a positive and effective manner.

Keeping the adversities and the ever-growing challenges of youth in mind, Tribe Student Accommodation and CoLiving has come up with a solution of providing luxury stay to students and working professionals that takes care of them by all means that are necessary for a healthy living, and takes it to an ultra luxury standard. Since its inception in 2018, Tribe has continued to give migrating students and professionals the best living experience away from their homes. From hygienic food and personal washrooms, to clean rooms, efficient medical assistance to safe housing and award-winning culture and networking - they've got it all covered. Tribe is providing an inclusive space that helps students grow both in personal and professional aspects of life within an internationally designed living experience.

The Infrastructure and Convenience
Tribe offers a complete range of A/C international single and twin suite rooms, delicious unlimited vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, cafe, gymnasium entertainment zones, housekeeping, laundry, keyless& cashless campuses, 360-degree CCTV & biometric security, RFID, heightened backend ERP systems &professional security and 24x7 high speed wifi facility. They are currently operating in Pune and Mumbai with the infrastructure of 551 beds and 4 properties. Tribe has created a safe space for students where they promote independence
and growth personally and professionally

.While security, design and hygiene are Tribe's top notch priorities they do not put the students under strict deadlines and promote spontaneous socialization among the students in an extremely progressive culture. The students use the facilities, check in to their rooms and pay for services by an electronic band handed over to them. Tribe pays for the medical treatment of the students in case of emergencies and parents can pay it later. All a student has to do is to pay once at the beginning of their session of a year and they can avail all the luxury services in Tribe's spaces. Tribe Stays has been awarded Student Housing of the Year 2020-21 by SiliconIndia Magazine. Tribe is the brainchild of Yogesh Mehra (Founder & CEO) and his sons Shantam Mehra (Co-Founder) and Aman Mehra (Founding Team & CMO & CTO).

Tribe is providing an inclusive space that helps students grow both in personal and professional aspects of life within an internationally designed living experience

Aman Mehra, Co-Founder of Tribe and CMO/CTO states, "Our maintenance hygiene is extremely top notch. Food or nutrition is taken care of by nutritionists & professionals. The idea is to give an international and holistic student living experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the country where students are extremely happy, the parents are extremely happy and you know everyone is extremely safe and everything is extremely hygienic all in award winning designed spaces. Also we have taken things one step ahead that sets us as a little different from the competition. The idea was to give a no hassle one-shot fee with an extremely seamless and easy process to keep parents and students stress free. We work on a full term model so no one has to worry about anything financially for the rest of the term. We are also the first to have the most progressive international culture and we believe in treating our students and residents like adults like they are used to being treated all their lives. We also believe in the idea of "unlimited" living whether its food, electricity or laundry to give a no hassle experience. We've seen this experience to be extremely popular and have one of the highest retention and satisfaction rates in the country."

Future Roadmap
Shantam Mehra(Co-Founder) concludes, "We are currently going to be expanding very soon into Mumbai & Pune (additionally), Delhi, Bangalore and Indore. These are the four cities that we will be looking to target very, very soon. We are looking at a 100-150% YoY growth at the minimum. We are actively pursuing oncampus accommodation, official tie-ups with universities and ultra highend coliving apart from our award winning student accommodation expansion".

Excellence in Operations
Tribe Stays is targeting about 10% of the student-migration market summing up to around 100,000 beds that their luxury segment can easily accommodate. In terms of the market size, 9 to 12 lakh students are migrating every year to other states or cities requiring 10 to 12 lakh beds all over the country. Hence, there is an urgent requirement to avail accommodation and all supportive aids from the extreme basic level to the super luxury. Tribe Stays always tries to come up with innovative and fun, yet meaningful ways to make the living better for students and working professionals. Their mission is to always challenge the status quo of the conventional idea of living.