Trio Talent Search: Creating Success

Vikram Thakur & Meenakshi Thakur,Co-Founder & CEO & Co-Founder & Business Head

Vikram Thakur & Meenakshi Thakur

Co-Founder & CEO & Co-Founder & Business Head

The story behind the inception of Trio Talent Search revolves around Vikram Thakur and his entrepreneurial spirit. Vikram who started his career as a Chartered Accountant, served as the Head of Finance for a Dutch MNC. After working in the finance domain for close to 9 years, he was keen to explore something new and challenging. Knocking the doors of opportunity, Vikram’s brother encouraged him to join his executive search firm in 2000 and mentored him in this domain. For over 13 years, Vikram hired for diverse industries & functions which expanded and enriched him in many ways. Towards the end of 2013, Vikram decided to take a plunge in entrepreneurship along with his wife, Meenakshi who also comes from the executive search industry. Thus, Trio Talent Search came into being. With constant endeavor and good credentials, gradually everything fell into place and since then there has been no looking back. Today Trio Talent
Search recruits for mid to top management levels across various industries such as Consumer Goods, Ecommerce, Telecom, BFSI, Media, IT, Manufacturing and Consulting.

The mission of Trio Talent Search is to create success for the three key people who repose their trust in it - the client, the candidate, and the team. “We focus on team work, building a positive attitude, enhancing skills & knowledge and inspiring each other to turn challenges into new opportunities. We are a highly-motivated team that has learnt to bounce back stronger every time. These qualities are the most important to succeed in today’s world especially for startups where every day comes with its own challenges. I am very passionate about building a team that is aspirational and self-driven. My consistent mantra to them is – ‘Come, let’s grow together,” says Vikram.

Hiring Quality Talent

Vikram counts the meticulous processes followed at Trio Talent Search to be their silver lining. Throwing light on this, he says, “We convert every job description shared by our client into a job spec sheet which enhances our understanding of the position and clearly defines the search criteria.” Trio Talent Search invests heavily in technology by acquiring advanced search tools and maintaining its own database. Additionally, the team’s primary focus is always on delivering success with
existing clients and growing their business with them before scouting for new business opportunities. This customer-centric approach has helped them maintain a 100 percent client retention rate with high satisfaction levels. “We don’t believe in giving glitzy sales presentations to our clients to acquire business. We give a genuine assurance to deliver what we commit, and then we honor our word. With God’s Grace, we have lived up to it and this attention to client’s interest has allowed us an opportunity to serve some of the best brands in the country,” shares Meenakshi.

With exceptional client service and precise and speedy execution of assignments, Trio Talent Search works closely as a team replacing old mindsets with new thought processes, enhancing their capabilities and motivating each other to grow together. Narrating further, Vikram concludes, “I firmly believe life happens in each moment. We try to focus on living in the present and enhancing our capabilities to add exponential value to our work. This helps us operate to our greatest potential without the fear of failure or the need to force outcomes. Looking at the future optimistically, our vision is to strengthen our foothold in the industry and grow at a steady pace adding greater value to our clients, candidates and our team.”