Tripeur: Your Personal Assistant for Corporate Travel!

Sajit Chacko, Director

For any corporate traveller, a business trip has usually never been an easy one. It often comes with a lot of hassles -making it clear that the travel industry is complex and is highly human intensive in nature. Right from raising a travel request to post-travel expense reporting and reconciliation, everything takes place manually. With latest technological advancements taking huge leaps, the corporate travel space also demands an intelligent Corporate Travel Management Platform that identifies the triggers for travel request and intent with Machine Learning’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU), allows booking hotels and flights based on eligibility as per HR policy, ERP tools and more. Furthermore, books or blocks the ticket, auto-books a cab and auto-generates the boarding pass, saving cost & time. And post travel, captures the receipts using Optical Character Recognition(OCR)technology and auto-fills the expense report.

Identifying that such a platform would make the life of the business traveller extremely simple and ease the pressure on the travel desk admin while retaining complete control of the workflow process - Tripeur, a 3rd Generation Corporate Travel Management Platform came into the picture.

Founded in 2015, by Sajit Chacko and Thiagarajan Rajagopalan, Tripeur envisions transforming the entire business travel space to a fully automated and efficient one. As they say, an idea can spark any where, anytime, the inception idea
of Tripeur is nothing less than the same. Explicating on the inception journey, Thiagarajan Rajagopalan, Founder & CEO, Tripeur says, “Sajitand I met through a mutual friend. On discussing various business ideas, our thought intersected in corporate travel space. Going in-depth, we could see the enormous opportunity and realized that space was frozen in time and ripe for disruption. Hence, we decided to reduce the complexities by using Artificial Intelligence and improve the efficiency using Machine Learning.”

Thiagarajan Rajagopalan
Founder & CEO

" Built on the new age technologies, Tripeur is an end-to-end digital platform for corporate travel management designed for efficiency and cost savings"

Tripeur as a revolutionary end-to-end corporate management platform aims to derive efficiency, ease of use, personalization, and transparency for business travel for employees and executives alike. Transforming the corporate travel space, the company with its own ‘Travel Bot’ handles and manages all travel aspects of business travel from trip approval to travel policies to expense reports. “Our flagship offering Travel Bot simplifies corporate travel by making the experience smoother for all involved,” avers Thiagarajan.

Flagship Offering, NewTechnologies
Re-imagining business travel with its ‘Travel ERP’ product Tripeur under stands the traveler and acts as a personal assistant. It builds a

traveller profile in accordance with their specific needs. It also proffers a flexible approval engine, granular travel policies and in-depth Travel Analytics. Tripeur takes care of all the paperwork automatically and delivers actionable insights, thus enabling companies to lower their travel spends, improve compliance to travel policies, and enhance the overall travel experience of their employees.

Manish Raj, Director

Built on the new age technologies, Tripeur is an end-to-end digital platform for corporate travel management designed for efficiency and cost savings. Pushing the entire corporate travel space to futuristic technologies, Tripeur core tech-applications include its own proprietary architecture, NLP and ML-based Travel Bot, Machine Learning-based User Profile Builder, Advanced Analytics for better budget allocation, planning and vendor partnerships and others.

Carving a niche in the Travel Space
An early mover in the corporate travel space, Tripeur is backed by a leading Japan-based VC firm – Incubate Fund – and leading Angel investors such as Rajul Garg. The company has raised a million dollars and targets to grow three times over the next nine months. With over 50 corporate clients like DTDC, PayTM, Fidelity, First source, Sharekhan and Paper Boat, Tripeur strives to transform the business travel domain completely in the next five years by using AI, ML, deep analytics and blockchain, and evolve as a dominant player in the industry.