TripFactory: Building an Ecosystem for Travelers

Vinay Gupta,Founder & Chairman

Vinay Gupta

Founder & Chairman

After the whopping success of, one of the fastest growing and profitable travel companies in the world, Vinay Gupta’s brain child – TripFactory – is all set to conquer the travel industry once and for all. The company is on a mission to provide a seamless holiday experience to its customers across the globe. Moreover, TripFactory has already carved a niche in the space by providing customized services in inbound & outbound travel. Amit Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, TripFactory, throws some light, “The vision is very simple: Every time someone thinks of traveling, be it for leisure, business, or a family vacation, we want to be on their mind. Most important of all, our guests can leave all the hassles of planning & booking to us, and just focus on having a great time. That is the experience we are building here at TripFactory.”

Boosted by a cutting-edge technology platform, TripFactory plans, executes and curates some of the best travel packages in India and across the globe, and is known for providing a hassle-free holiday experience to all its users.

Further more, the platform provides high-quality content like blog articles, detailed& flexible itineraries, and timely, unbiased advice. It also offers interesting flexible payment options at a cost-effective price. “The product’s success takes us behind the scenes to the lively people and partners who work tirelessly and in unison with the company’s vision to provide a great experience for its clients,” says Sudeep Sharma, AVP – Operations, TripFactory.

Speaking of the dedicated team at TripFactory, ArunBagaria (AVP - Product, TripFactory) asserts, “We are a dynamic mix of experienced and young,” Today, the team has grown to become a family of 300+ members - many of whom, in fact, were employees at Today, they work together and produce incredible results at TripFactory. Therefore, when it comes to credibility, execution and strategy implementation, the team’s experience plays a vital role in bringing out disruptive innovations, and a majority of the team members have been working with, since days of inception.

Arun enthusiastically adds, “We are very action-oriented and are extremely focused on producing results. And, it is not just about achieving the task or doing some thing special every day. It is also about making the small things count, where there is a sense of empathy and responsibility towards
work, and towards one another. I think that is something which comes only when you have a founder and co-founders who are high on values. They have also engraved this within the top management, following all the way to employees and new joinees, and that’s how the entire culture perpetuates.”

At TripFactory, right from the product development team, to the finance department, and operations, the company consists of seasoned professionals, where an employee feels the desire to learn from the best

A Culture that Propagates Organizational Values
TripFactory provides many great learning opportunities for all its employees. The presence of seasoned professionals in every department - right from the product development team, to the finance department, and operations - ensures that the employee feels the desire to learn from the best. Also, the overall environment induces the element of professional growth, be it in terms of career, or compensation, and all the additional perks that come with working at TripFactory.

Introducing the company employee benefits, Sudeep mentions, “While we are adding more and more benefits every day, the basics, like food, are taken care of by us. The company provides free meals to all our employees! Meals are served all day. We have partnered with a few vendors who provide unlimited snacks and beverages to all our employees. That’s not all - we have a vending machine where employees get to pick their choice of snack, together with hot and cool drinks, anytime, just by scanning their phone”

Food is just one aspect. Most important of all, the company covers life insurance, which is ten times the employee’s annual salary. “We are in the holiday and hospitality business. So, we try and ensure all the needs of our employees are taken care of. We want each and every employee of ours to experience it for themselves. This also gives them the confidence they need while speaking to customers about holidays,” says Varun Gupta, Co-Founder & CTO, TripFactory.

In addition to all these facilities, the most interesting and fascinating one is that TripFactory provides extended holiday offers to its employees. After completion of one year of working at the company, an employee is eligible for a domestic and international vacation, whereby the entire trip is sponsored by TripFactory.

The company also provides free transportation to its employees, which includes pick up and drop services.
A Typical Day at TripFactory – Growth is the Way Forward!
At the TripFactory office, located in the heart of Bangalore, there is always great energy and an environment of celebration & fun. “For instance, on a daily basis, you may catch Vinay handing chocolates, ice-creams, and pizzas to employees, randomly” mentions Arun. There is always an impromptu kind of thing that happens at TripFactory. However, on careful analysis, it comes down to performance and productivity of the employees. Arun further explains, “Our belief is that, we are always there for the employees’ professional and personal growth. We are doing this because we believe that once our employees serve the customers, clients, and business partners, the employees, automatically, will have a great time working here.”

Over the years, the growth story of the company has been phenomenal, and the client retention rate is only increasing by the day. In terms of revenue, TripFactory has successfully raised Series - A funding from Aarin Capital. At present in an expansion phase, the company has plans to set up offices in ASEAN countries & in the Middle East.

Excited Arun concludes, “In a couple of years from now, you’ll see that TripFactory has transformed the holiday industry altogether. The way we are progressing, we are already one of the fastest growing companies in the country. So, I won’t be surprised if we have our IPO by 2020.”

“The presence of seasoned professionals in every department - right from the product development team, to the finance department, and operations - ensures that the employee feels the desire to learn from the best.”

Vinay Gupta, Founder & Chairman, TripFactory
Vinay's foray into the world of technology and travel started with - one of the top 10 travel businesses created globally in the last decade. revolutionised how technology and travel come together and create unprecedented business opportunities for travel industry with a seamless experience for consumers. is also India's first startup that transitioned into a multinational organization with half of its workforce being global. As its Founder & CEO, Vinay scaled to 62+ countries in about 6 years. His efforts have been lauded and appreciated for a vision that is backed by a true passion for scale, innovation and building scale with limited resources. Vinay’s vision and passion for excellence has been prudently adopted for the creation of TripFactory as India’s largest holiday store. He leads TripFactory as its Founder & Chairman while he continues to serve as a Board Member.