Tropical Food Technologies: Delighting Consumers With Fresh Frozen Pineapple Juice

By Kote Shiranthadka Vageesha Priya,      Directorwho would not love a glass of freshly squeezed juice? Apart from its numerous health benefits, fresh juice is also consumed as a beverage and as an ingredient in dietary supplements. However, in order to extend its shelf life, many brands apply heat treatment to the product, or pack it with preservatives that bring numerous negative side effects to our health. Keeping in mind the current market scenario, Tropical Food Technologies (TFT) has developed a fresh frozen super premium 100%Pineapple Juice. TFT is a startup company with an entrepreneurial spirit that aims to revolutionize the 100% fruit juice segment and help consumers follow a balanced diet and lead a healthier lifestyle. The motive behind the creation of the company is its founders’ research on nature’s "superfoods", foods that have an immediate, positive and lasting effect on the energy level, health and overall well being of people. These superfoods are plant-based foods that are high in energy, rich in nutrients and electrolytes, and have pleasant organoleptic properties. These foods are also used by athletes to increase their strength, endurance and recover quickly from fatigue and inflammation.

Preservative free products without heat treatment
As for the products, TFT is currently fully focusing on its 100% natural super premium Pineapple Juice, Pinevibe. It is the only juice on the market that is free of preservatives, colorings, additives, and thermal processing

(pasteurization) that would compromise the fine taste and nutritional properties of the juice. The pineapple fruits used for Pinevibe is the Mauritius variety pineapple, grown in Vazhakulam and in adjacent districts of Kerala, India. Due to its high sugar content and low acidity, Mauritius variety pineapple has a unique aroma, flavor and sweetness, and is also a very good source of energy, carotene, vitamins and minerals. TFT has developed a special manufacturing process that combines cold pressing and blast freezing. This maintains the rich flavor and nutrients of the fruit while preserving the juice. As Pinevibe is free of preservatives and not thermally processed, it must be kept frozen and thawed only before consumption. To facilitate serving, TFT provides its key accounts with a special dispenser that allows them to serve the juice in a user-friendly and hygienic way. Currently Pinevibe is available in 1-liter packs for retailers and 3-liter packs for institutions.

Our goal is to produce the best farm fresh pineapple juice possible to refresh and delight our consumers

High quality production practices
The company follows high-quality standards throughout the production process.Raw materials are sourced only from approved farmers who follow good harvesting practices. Each pineapple is carefully inspected for quality and ripeness and then washed before being peeled for juicing. After juicing, the final product is packaged in highquality, food-grade pouches. Then, each product is packed into individual cartons for storage and shipping. TFT uses the most modern and highest quality equipment in its state-of the-art facility for all phases of production, including washing, peeling, juicing and bottling. TFT's production facility is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified, which confirms effective food safety control in all processes. TFT is also certified by TUV SUD. MiddleEast L.L.C. (certificate registration number ME HACCP 0208 DAC).

The company employs four people. Most employees come from the beverage sector and have more than 80 years of combined experience in the industry. TFT is currently focusing on the premium hotel segment as well as cafeterias and deli outlets to introduce its product to discerning consumers across India. The company faced a setback after setting up its dedicated manufacturing facility when the pandemic hit the country and TFT's target customers, such as hotel chains, were severely affected. However, now that everything is returning back to normal, the company will resume shipments in April/May this year. TFT also plans to launch other juice products such as mango, coconut water and sugarcane.