Trove Capital Advisor: Expertizing NBFC Registration, Valuation & Fund Raising

Jubin Shah, Partner ,Sachin Chhadawa, Partner

Jubin Shah, Partner

Sachin Chhadawa, Partner

The business of assisting people and organizations manage their finances has lead on many industry experts and budding entrepreneur to wing their way towards venturing in this domain. Termed as the financial services industry, it has great influence on wide variety of sectors comprising Banking, Investment, Insurance, Tax & Accounting and other services that appertain to financial issues. Taking into consideration the scopes and opportunities, Sachin Chhadawa & Jubin Shah along with its professional associates, brought into being Trove Capital Advisor LLP a corporate advisory and financial bureau that is steadfast in sorting out corporate advisory at all levels. A NBFC, Valuation, Fund Raising specialist and a leading boutique investment banking and capital advisory firm, the company has PAN India execution capabilities, mentoring and collaborating with like minded professionals leading to overall development and growth of the client.

Having a strong background of financial services, the prime movers buckled down to mould niche profiles in the corporate realm enabling a plain sailing lending for real estate developers and corporate firms. Their intention is to straighten out every bone of contention that deals with funding, loans and finance. “Jubin and I had a common yen to explore this NBFC space (Non-bank Financial Companies) and avail the scopes that the entire financial services sector brings forth. So we clubbed together to form an organization to expound and puzzle out effective financial solutions,” states Sachin Chhadawa, Founding Member.

Trove Capital Advisor LLP holds overarching expertise in NBFC Registration & takeovers along with funding solutions, comprehending Real Estate Funding, Fund Based Loans, Non Fund Based Loan, Promoter Funding, Corporate Finance, Special Situation Funding and many more. Through all of these, the company is giving its best shot structuring and factoring finances for a variety of disciplines. It has pulled off mastery over advisory services where it takes forward matters concerning mergers&acquisitions, registration and takeover of NBFCs and listed entities. Its forte here is to manage complex domestic as well as cross border transactions, representing clients from both providers and receivers. Over and above, Trove also bestows constant support from adept advisors. As Jubin comments, “When we started our journey, we decided not to confine ourselves to just one area. We never wanted to be a mere provider but we longed to be an intrinsic part of every organization’s financial journey. Considering which our expert team has been contriving suitable and gravitating financial solutions and rendering finance related counselling. We also hold depth in the modalities related to Valuation, FEMA, Corporate Laws& RBI Compliances.
Areas of specialization
Trove has four broad verticals NBFCs Registration and Takeovers, Debt and Equity Syndication, Mergers & Acquisition& Valuation. In the NBFC vertical, it assists clients identifying the NBFC, take them through the complete process of Due Diligence, obtain prior approval from RBI and finally close with takeover. Its latest takeover transactions include Loantap, Cashe, Wheels EMI, Gromor and more.

Apart from NBFC Formation, Trove also specialises in facilitating Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) registration with SEBI, Prepaid Payment instruments (PPI) licence from RBI, NBFC-Account Aggregator(AA) licence from RBI. In Debt and Equity Syndication, it facilitates raising debt or equity from its network of lenders/investors. When it comes to Mergers & Acquisition, it closely works with few Investment Bankers in Auto component and Pharma Sector. “We have mandates to take over 100 percent management and control in companies with turnover of Rs.100 Cr and above,”he adds.

Trove not only corners the speciality of providing efficient finance solutions but at the same time bestows constant support from adept advisors

The Stroke of Genius
Trove Capital Advisor has succeeded in setting an upper hand over the financial services domain. Grounded in the city of dreams, Mumbai, the company has built up its presence in the major vicinities of the nation such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Coimbatore, and Trivandrum. Along with dispensing exemplar financial solutions to a numerous organizations it has been successful in settingup suitable circumstances that facilitated it to derive funding from 2 to 500+ crores. The company has triumphantly established strong and extensive networks with Bankers and Financial Institutions. Trove has a physical presence in South India with a senior Partner Mr. P S Balasubramanian (Ex-Banker with 30+ years overall experience in finance) based out of Coimbatore and handling Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Telangana and Karnataka markets.“Our idiosyncratic offerings and fidelity has gained us immense recognition. We have experienced a 4x increase in the revenue in the very first year itself. Our sincere efforts have made us the most trusted and go to NBFC consultancy firm not only in India but around the world,” he adds.

The company’s success story hinges on to a batch of top senior professionals who hold pronounced dexterity over finance related matters. On boarding such masterful team, the company had thoroughly met the needs and expectations of the clients setting seals on opportune as well as on time deliverables. “Trove is fortunate to have the support of industry stellar who has dedicated their ideas dynamism and expertise in strengthening each brick of the company. Be it individual, business or enterprise requirements, the team had always adhered to finance as its mainspring,” enunciates Sachin Chhadawa, Founding Member.

The Future Endeavours
After successfully drawing breath in this august space the company is gearing up to take steps towards new endeavours, intending to set its foot firmly on the international platform. It is also aiming to enhancing its services even further so as to meet client’s requisites to the hilt. In the main, Trove Capital Advisor is heading towards a route of new constructive ventures that understands the businesses and the expectations with absolute integrity and confidentiality.

Sachin Chhadawa, Partner
Professional experience of over 18 years in the field of fund raising Debt and Private equity syndication, M&A Advisory Registration and Takeovers of NBFCs Listed entities and related areas. Advising clients on Corporate Laws, Securities Laws, FEMA and M&A. Successfully carried out 100+ NBFC & Listed Entities Takeover across India.

Jubin Shah, Partner
Professional experience of over 10 years spanning various corporate entities in Consumer Durables, Furniture and FMCG verticals focused entirely on corporate sales.

Offerings: NBFC Registrations, Valuation, Real Estate Funding, Fund based loans, Non Fund based loan, Promoter Funding, Corporate Finance, Special situations funding

Offices: Mumbai