TRPW Strategic Partners: Unleashing the Power of Financial Expertise & Strategic Partnerships

Rajesh Kumar,  Managing Partner

Rajesh Kumar

Managing Partner

In the ever-changing world of business, where startups and small businesses strive to carve their niche, a transformative force has emerged: outsourced CFO services startups. These entities offer a comprehensive array of benefits, from financial expertise to the forging of strategic alliances. By entrusting the intricate process of financial management to these sorcerers, businesses can unleash their true potential. In the realm of rapid changes and fierce competition, where every decision holds the power to shape a business's destiny, emerges TRPW Strategic Partners. This distinguished firm comprises experienced finance and business professionals, each with a decade spanning wealth of knowledge. With its exceptional expertise, the firm can craft tailored business planning that seamlessly aligns with clients’ unique objectives.

Nestled at the crossroads of Delhi-NCR, and the US, TRPW Strategic Partners stands as a beacon of guidance for entrepreneurs and esteemed senior executives across a wide array of industries and ambitious business projects. As a consulting firm, the firm prides itself on providing bespoke and visionary solutions to ignite the flames of triumph. The firm’s team of industry experts excels in various areas, including business structure modeling, crafting longterm and shortterm business plans, and devising effective financial strategies to support business

expansion. TRPW also offers assistance in CFO office functions, internal and process audits ensuring smooth implementation and compliance with regulations.

TRPW goes beyond virtual CFO support to offer a comprehensive suite of services that sets the firm apart in the industry. “What sets us apart is our deep understanding of the client's perspective, as our team members have diverse backgrounds that may include corporate experiences or first hand knowledge of data management”, speaks Rajesh Kumar, Managing Partner of TRPW Strategic Partners. With multi geographical expertise covering regions such as Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US, the firm brings a global perspective to its virtual CFO roles. TRPW services encompass strategic planning, comprehensive financial management, accounting over sight, and longterm and short term financial planning. The firm also specializes in internal audits, various types of financial audits, business planning, and finance and accounting research. Quality is paramount to its services, and the company upholds the highest standards of service, leveraging technology and its dedicated innovation center to deliver efficient and technologically supported outputs. “With a proven track record of delivering tangible value through our expertise and experience, we strive to support your growth cost effectively”, says Shilpi J. Mohaviya, Head - Innvoation Centre.

TRPW Strategic Partners is the brainchild of Rajesh Kumar, a qualified Chartered Accountant and the visionary Managing Partner of the firm. With an illustrious career spanning over 22 years, Rajesh has held senior management and controllership positions in India and regional roles based in Malaysia and Singapore, working with esteemed multinational corporations. During his corporate tenure and engaging in discussions with fellow corporate controllers, he recognized the need for a more cohesive and responsive approach from consultants. “Our mission was to deliver innovative solutions, ensure quality in every aspect of our service delivery, and leverage technology to stay ahead of the curve. At TRPW Strategic Partners, we strive to redefine the consulting experience by embodying the qualities of a true partner and offering unmatched value to our clients”, adds Rajesh Kumar, Managing Partner.

Looking towards the future, TRPW envisions becoming a leading-edge consulting firm in the finance, accounting, and audit domains, characterized by advanced methodologies and technological prowess. The company aims to transform the way consulting services are delivered by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches. While it already has a presence with office in the US and clients in Europe, TRPW’s roadmap includes expanding its reach to new geographies, including the Netherlands, and establishing a global footprint.