Tru Hair: A Pioneer Ayurvedic Tech Brand Revolutionizing The Hair Industry

M.S. Harsha,FounderEarlier Ayurveda was considered a home science rather than a commercial product. Customers can only benefit from Ayurveda if they use it correctly.

According to research done by Tru Hair, 30% of people understand the need of heating the oil before applying it, yet just 4% actually do so. Because of their busy lives and time-consuming processes, the majority of individuals are unable to use ayurvedic hair oil properly.

As a result, Tru Hair created an Ayurvedic tech company that improves the customer's Ayurvedic experience.

Tru Hair, established in 2020 is a sister concern of Med Manor, a fully integrated and one of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies in India having a proven track record in the industry since 1998. “Our core objective is to provide clients with the greatest Ayurvedic experience possible by integrating ancient science with modern technologies at an affordable price. Our entire product range is sulfate, paraben, LLP, and cruelty-free, with the best prices to fit our clients' needs,” emphasizes M.S. Harsha, Founder.
Tru hair commenced in the Ayurvedic hair sector in August 2021 with its groundbreaking product, the Tru Hair Oil, the world's first Ayurvedic hair oil with a heater. In just two months, the brand acquired 20,000 consumers in the portfolio, setting a mark for the most customers acquired by any boutique brand in the first two months.

Thereafter, it began evaluating consumer feedback, discovering that 18% of customers found the product unsuitable for their hair. The team of experts understood the importance of addressing the root cause of hair problems rather than providing a blanket-level product and expecting everyone to appreciate it.

They realized that the underlying causes of people's hair problems differed from one another. Subsequently, its Ayurvedic doctors gleaned and developed a software solution, Tru Hair 3-Factor Hair Analysis that allows one to find custom products based on their demography, hair type, and body type. One can simply take the Tru Hair 3-Factor Hair Analysis and based on that it suggests ingredients that are best suited for the hair and scalp needs.

Tru Hair has built a formidable space in the online marketplace and has already amassed 25000 offline outlets + all major Modern Trade outlets in the last 1 year

Tru Hair has grown to be a brand with more than 2 lakhs happy customers in its portfolio and over 20+ products that provide premium ayurvedic hair care solutions which include shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, serum, hair masks, and hair supplements. Further, Tru Hair has built a formidable space in the online market place and has already amassed 25000 offline outlets + all major Modern Trade outlets in the last 1 year.

“We believe tier 2 and 3 cities are the neglected markets in this category. Though they are educated and knowledgeable about the importance of using products free from harmful chemicals, still not able to afford because of the high price. As a brand, if we can offer our products at less cost by cutting down on our margins. The strategy is to operate at less margins and concentrate on volumes.” says M.S. Harsha.