TruxCargo: Disrupting Logistics Space With An Ai-Enabled One-Stop Shipping Platform

Gaurav Sharma,  Founder & CEO

Gaurav Sharma

Founder & CEO

Factors such as the rising e-commerce business, as well as an increase in reverse logistics operations and trade agreements, drive logistics market expansion. Furthermore, the proliferation of tech driven logistics services and the increasing usage of IoT-enabled linked devices are likely to boost market growth. However, customers lack of control over logistics services, insufficient infrastructure, and greater logistics costs remain a major concern today. This can be well addressed through last mile deliveries, logistics automation, and cost and lead time reduction due a multimodal system which can offer a complete solution.

In addition, economic growth and changing market conditions are important drivers of globalization. And as a result of increased globalization, several trade related activities are expanding. Furthermore, this development has substantially aided the growth of the overseas market. Logistics services are becoming increasingly vital in order to give a greater assortment of high-quality products delivered on time to price sensitive clients.

Truxcargo is an AI-Enabled Shipping Platform (SaaS) that has grown to be one of the fastest growing tech-driven logistics firms, offering industry-best prices and leading shipping partners for all shipping needs. The firm allows users to select from a variety of shipping partners with comparable pricing and much more from a single platform. Truxcargo has used innovative ideas to simplify the E-Commerce market place for sellers, saving them valuable time and money. The company has greatly aided sellers in focusing on their business rather than seeking dependable shipping partners.

“Our goal is to provide simple and efficient shipping solutions to make clients' market presence a breeze. We provide an innovative one-stop shop for all logistical services, from automatic courier dispatch to last mile delivery of parcels,” says Gaurav Sharma, Founder & CEO, Truxcargo.

“Also, if a customer wants to send their items, they must pay a 20 percent fee for all RTO shipments. Knowing this, we use AI/ML to assist clients in predicting where their shipment is at any given time. We acquire data from our back end concerning the customer's previous shipment and whether or not the customer completed the RTO. We acquire information from numerous locations and regions. Hence, if someone sends a package to any location in India, we try to anticipate the likelihood of receiving an RTO. As a result, customers are completely aware of whether they must pay for RTO or not", briefs Gaurav.

Gaurav has been instrumental in the success of Truxcargo, wherein, he has played a pivotal role in aligning the whole people, process and
technology towards creating an innovative logistics platform that can offer a single window solution for the clients.Gaurav is an experienced management professional with a demonstrated history of working within the Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing Industry. Skilled in Supplier Relationship & Risk Mitigation, Production Planning Process Improvement Logistics Operations Cost Reduction Strategies/Analysis.

A Comprehensive Tech Driven Ecosystem
Truxcargo has been offering its customers a fully technologically enabled shipping ecosystem backed up by the premier customer support. The company has created an easy-to-use technology driven interface from which clients may ship packages across India. Truxcargo is further integrating every shipping logistics company in order to give its customers with a more streamlined logistics solution. Furthermore, as compared to its competitors, the price point at which Truxcargo provides its services to its consumers is significantly lower. Truxcargo has also carved out a position in the market by providing best-in-class client service. The organization believes in walking along side its customers throughout their shipment's journey.

Truxcargo aims to provide hassle-free & streamlined shipping solutions to make your market presence a smooth ride

“We have a wallet system integrated into our portal through which clients can recharge and book their packages. End to end tracking is enabled to ensure transparency of the shipping we communicate with clients on a regular basis by SMS and email to keep them up to date on every stage till the delivery is carried out. When the order is delivered, customers will receive a confirmation email from the system,” highlights Gaurav.

A Note worthy Journey
Established in the year 2017, Truxcargo has been growing steadily and evolving as per the changing needs of the market. The company was founded by technology evangelists with a sole mission of devising a future-ready portal which can offer an end-to-end logistics solution. Every department is headed by an expert professional to ensure utmost quality standards are maintained in the service deliver ability. Currently, Truxcargo has around 90 trucks which are in perfect condition and equipped with the latest technologies. Truxcargo also has a robust fleet management system in place to ensure efficiency and productivity at all times.

Truxcargo's success can be attributed to its open culture approach, where in, every individual has the liberty to come out with decisive decisions for the betterment of the whole organization and its functioning. This has led to a cohesive functioning of every individual as a compact team thereby leading to exceptional service delivery and customer satisfaction.

“We had a humble beginning where we slowly built our roots and gained enterprise clients. With the zeal of integrating technology into truck fleets, we begin leveraging it to drive the needed innovation in the industry. There after, we gained significant traction due to the competency that we brought to the table when it comes to offering one stop-solution. We slowly made a name for ourselves as a reputable SaaS solution provider. Till date, we have boarded almost 5000+ customers and we have already shipped more than two million plus shipments in the past two years", says Gaurav, as he walks us through the company’s journey.

As promising the venture is, keeping in mind the profitability and opportunities, Truxcargo was able to raise an investment of 10 crores last year. On a daily basis, the company has been onboarding 20+ customers. And going forward, Truxcargo is focusing on expanding its wings across international borders.

Truxcargo has been continuously introducing features which are in tandem with latest advancements in the world of technology. This is completely focused towards reducing time and cost of shipping for the customers. Truxcargo would also be going one step forward by creating its own network of trucks called Truxcargo shipping dock which will be cheaper as compared to the industry standard pricing.

"Our main focus is to provide the best of our services to our customers and to increase shareholders value", concludes Gaurav.