Tsaaro: One-Stop Client-Friendly Service Provider for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Krishna Srivastava,CISO & Co-Founder

Krishna Srivastava

CISO & Co-Founder

With the world moving towards digitization and everything becoming more connected, Cyber Security has become a major concern for everyone. The rapid development of technology and the availability of the Internet to the majority of the public widens the path of cyber-crime. In this era where cyber security is a major concern, the use of computers has become commonplace. With the increasing penetration of the Internet, cyber security is the need of the hour.

Ever since the pandemic took place digitization has increased at a drastic rate and ultimately cybersecurity became a latent concern. When pandemic coupled with the digitization, the fear of such instances grew multiple folds. In this field, Tsaaro is one of the leading companies, established in 2021, providing data privacy and cybersecurity services in India and across the globe. This company is solely focused on effective data protection practices to create an efficient data secure environment.

Ever since the world started becoming a data-centric eco-system, there has been a dire need to ensure that this data was not mishandled or breached. “We took cognizance of this issue and realized that the market needed someone who could be reliable to ensure that their cybersecurity practices are top-notch and that their users and customers trust them. We made it a goal to instill the best in place cybersecurity practices for these companies so they can achieve their goals while gaining the trust of their customers and users”, says Krishna Srivastava, CISO & Co-Founder, Tsaaro.
Tsaaro offers a wide range of best services related to cybersecurity and data privacy which includes cyber and information security services, including Penetration Testing, Cyber Strategy and Governance, GDPR Compliance, Third Party Risk Assessment, Data Privacy Compliance, ISO 27001/27701 compliances and so on. “Our experts are a mixed team of lawyers and engineers who understand the complexity of situations of organisations and work on providing the best-in-class cybersecurity solution that will be the most beneficial for them. The mixed team gives us an edge over others since understanding this domain's intricacies often leads to complex challenges”, shares Krishna Srivastava.

Tsaaro has also launched a data protection compliance program targeted specifically for Indian startups to ensure they follow industry-recognized security and data privacy compliance practices within their organization. These services are one-of-a-kind in our country, Tsaaro proudly stands by the “Make in India” campaign and caters to multiple Indian startups in key industries such as Healthcare, Marketing , IT services, E-commerce. amongst others.

Tsaaro is known for its leadership and as a unique service provider in the field of data privacy and cybersecurity. Tsaaro’s core leadership consists of three members which are the best in their field. Akarsh Singh, our CEO and Co-Founder, has extensive experience in data privacy. He is a Fellow in Information Privacy (FIP) by IAPP, the highest certification in the field of Privacy. Krishna Srivastava, our Head of Cyber Security and Co-Founder, with prior experience in risk consulting and data privacy compliance. He has assisted some of the largest conglomerates in the world in BFSI, IT services, and the e-commerce industry with their network and cloud security programs.

Rohit Jain is an IIT-BHU Computer Science Graduate. He is also the head of technical staff and a Co-Founder. Rohit has extensive knowledge in the field of Product Development and Management and is a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect and is also a certified CIPM, creating a perfect blend of technology and privacy. Besides all these individual capabilities, they have managed to work efficiently for the company's growth collaboratively. Due to its best-class services, the company gained the trust of over 35 clients from four different countries within a short period.

Future Roadmap
Tsaaro will continue to be a leader in the field of cybersecurity shortly, empowering clients' enterprises and preventing harmful conduct from building a secure data environment. The firm’s mission is to raise awareness about the need to have Data Privacy programmes and Cybersecurity systems in place for all enterprises, dispelling the idea that Fortune 500 corporations only practice such data privacy policies. While we have acquired over 35+ clients from four different countries in a short period, we feel this is just the beginning, and we can't wait to help more businesses overcome their cybersecurity challenges.