Tsecond Generation Technology: Innovation in Progress

Sahil Gurucharan Chawla,Founder
Sahil Gurucharan Chawla, Founder

The ideation behind Nagpur based Tsecond Generation Technology is a result of the dream to Creating Inventiveness. An Electronic and Software Solutions company, Tsecond Generation was incepted in January 2014 to create a platform to convert ideas into commercially viable products/ The idea was to bring a transformation in the world through technology. “Technology businesses are ruling the world. We live in a completely different era today, as technology has made our routine activities much simpler and easier and also making the world connected. We are striving to bring a revolution with the help of technology,’ says Sahil Gurucharan Chawla, Founder. As a product based company, Tsecond aims at developing innovative products to make life and businesses simpler.

Conquering the preliminary challenges pertaining to funds, regulatory compliances /environmental clearances /Government approvals required for prior to commercialization of the product /process, present status and expected time required for such approvals and more importantly rising up to clients’ expectations, Tsecond
Generation has carved a niche for itself in the industry. The company is known to provide quality products, developed under the PeSO criteria. “One needs to stay self motivated and put consistent efforts. When you are in business, you need to overcome every hurdle and obstacle. Self management and management of your team are very important,”is what Sahil staunchly believes in.

" Tsecond has partnered with Napino Auto Electronics Ltd. which supports in product optimization, testing and manufacturing "

Tsecond now mentors very young startups about the challenges that come along in the journey.

E-Funnel- Fuel Monitoring System
The company has successfully developed an innovative fluid-gauging system named - E-Funnel. A US patented, unique cloud-based IoT device installed at the inlet of fluid/fuel tanks, E-Funnel gives real-time data of fluid/fuel events. It is a unique fluid monitoring system for diesel generator, underground tank, process industry, HCV, LCV, personal car and two-wheeler owners. It keeps track of fluid/fuel fillings and provides data in the analytical form on mobile and web application. “We find a huge opportunity for the product in the Commercial Vehicles Segment, for Diesel Generators used across industries like Telecom Towers, Corporate Offices. It could revolutionize the fluid measurement industry by providing automated data of accurate fluid measurements,”
informs Sahil. Also, E-Funnel is updated to develop a complete diesel generator monitoring system named – SmartDG. As a unique diesel generator accessory, it can convert any DG from any manufacturer into an IoT device. “You can get the accurate stats on fuel events, system breakdowns, energy consumption patterns and performance,’ Sahil adds.

Tsecond has partnered with Napino Auto Electronics Ltd. which supports in product optimization, testing and manufacturing. “We have LocationGuru Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as our sales partner which has an existing client base of qualified prospects for our product,” he further adds.

The Journey of Thousand Miles
Going with the belief that IoT industry shall bring a tectonic change soon, team Tsecond is geared up to play an active role in shaping and harnessing the impact that disruptive technologies will have soon. With an in-house team of over 17 people, Tsecond has till date completed POC for giant telecom infrastructure companies and has collaborated with Vodafone Super IoT. The team is been mentored by CA Atul Rajwadkar, Pranav Joshi, Manish Karandikar, Shashikant Chaudhary, Jeetender Singh, among others.

Currently, team Tsecond is focusing on tapping the diesel generator market, then would move to the different industries like construction equipments, water,oil and paint industry. “Our next product would be based on Li-Fi technology, concludes Sahil.