Tukxi: A Robust Platform which Ensures Win-win Situation for Passengers & Drivers

 Ashok George Jacob,    Co-FounderToday, the benefits of transportation aggregators stand out, especially considering consumers' previous experiences with business-as-usual taxi providers. They are significantly more handy (reduced wait times, ease of hailing, doorstep access, and so on) and far less expensive, which encourages more people to utilize such services. It also allows individuals to commute across large distances without having to deal with overcrowding in public transportation. Transportation aggregators can contact people more efficiently because of technology improvements like smartphones and the internet. However, for a country like India with such a high population density as India, economical transportation services are a must.

This is where a firm like Tukxi understands its clients' demands and continues to improve and develop with the goal of making India an attractive market for growth. Tukxi is a ride-hailing application that allows clients to order an Auto Rickshaw and be instantly connected to the next available vehicle. Tukxi's goal is to conserve and assist the system to adapt to meet current demands. Tukxi understands its

clients' demands and is constantly developing and expanding, making India a great platform for development.

“Tukxi is the brainchild of our visionary director Vinod Nair, who, upon witnessing first-hand the plights of the Auto-driver community, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. The core ideal of Tukxi is to serve the best interests of the drivers and the customers alike, without favoring one side over the other. Vinod Nair, the founder and CEO of Practice suite Inc, having over 25 years of experience in building large scale open source enterprise systems.

Tukxi understands its clients' demands and is constantly developing and expanding, making India a great platform for development

Driving The Needed Innovation
Tukxi is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. In terms of safety, the most essential feature that Tukxi offers is the ability for passengers to share the trip with friends or family, which is a very reassuring element as the entire trip can be monitored by a person of their choosing.

The Tukxi platform is a promising method that aims to provide the best-in-class experience for both passengers and drivers. Passengers, for example, don't have to worry about locating an auto on the move, paying as per the government-approved meter charges, going anywhere at flat fares, matching with the drivers they like, and tracking and sharing travels, among other things. When it comes to drivers, they can take advantage of features such as virtual queues in auto stands, knowing the destination before accepting a trip, a pickup fee for long distance pick-ups, receiving payment by Cash/UPI directly after each trip, easy self-sign-up, and being the favorite to earn more trips.

“Tukxi has just recently begun to transcend its trial phase, but it has ambitious goals for quick development in terms of both the number of cities and the number of drivers. Tukxi is actively debating plans to develop B2B logistics within the city borders, in addition to ongoing expansions to tier-2 and tier-3 cities,” concludes the team.