Tune My Digital: Disrupting the Traditional Digital Marketing Sphere

Shayon Dasverma,Founder & CEO

Shayon Dasverma

Founder & CEO

Digital marketing has rapidly evolved as the lifeline for various businesses across India. By helping brands connect with the right audience, they render an unequivocal competitive advantage. However, it is pertinent to note that a marketing campaign's success cannot be achieved just through digital marketing. To be effective, every marketing endeavour must fully utilize the potential of different marketing tactics accessible in both traditional and modern marketing.One such organization whose successful execution of digital marketing strategies helps to harvest significant possibilities for reaching sales goals is Tune My Digital.

The Delhi NCR-based digital marketing platform was founded in 2020 by Shayon Dasverma to overcome the challenges encountered by small startups in affording professional marketing agencies. The founder also noticed that there was a significant difference in terms of the ROI that customers were receiving and the amount of money that was invested to accomplish the marketing campaigns. The digital marketing startup helps marketers achieve maximum ROI through data driven, performance driven solutions to enable digital transformation for businesses through one conversion at a time by disrupting the traditional digital marketing sphere.

Goal-Driven & Transparent Services
The platform provides multiple performance marketing services such as SEO(Search Engine Optimization),Paid marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, and design. Their flagship offerings come under performance marketing services, which are SEO and Paid marketing.
What sets Tune My Digital apart from its competitors in the market are those that encourage transparency in client interactions and project execution. The platform attempts to be as transparent as possible in terms of timelines and output, as well as readily accessible in order to resolve client issues. Tune My Digital believes in long term solutions for their clients, and its BHAG(Big Hairy Audacious Goal) intends to disrupt the traditional digital paradigm and make their stakeholders' lives easier and happier.

Tune my digital also to work with small businesses because they want to provide them with affordable services while also educating them about the digital world

Diverse Expertise & Impending Growth Potential
With capabilities in various marketing techniques, Tune My Digital has worked with various industry verticals such as travel companies, healthcare, automobile companies, certain B2B service providers, and real estate providers.

The platform has also worked with e-Commerce players such as Organic India which is quite famous for organic products, providing performance marketing for them. The team is currently working with multiple organizations ranging from large enterprises, public sector enterprises and small businesses across the globe.

Tune My Digital has grown from zero clients in the first three months to over 25­30 clients with monthly revenues of Rs. 10 lakh. Apart from Delhi-NCR, the company also has a presence in Lucknow, and an established international clientele in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Going forward, the startup expects to triple its revenue in the next 4-5 months, with an active pipeline aimed at collaborating with both government and non-government organizations in India. The platform intends to aggressively expand in the US and North American markets, as well as in European startup hubs. Tune My Digital wants to work with small businesses as well to provide them with affordable services while also educating them about the digital world."We want to strengthen our base in India, especially in the core areas where people want to join the digital landscape", concludes Shayon.