Tunwal E-Vehicle: Towards Electrifying Mobility

 Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal,  Founder,Amit Tunwal,  Co-Founder
Mr.Jhumarmal Tunwal,Founder

Electrification of mobility is still in nascent stages in India, and in the coming days, the country will witness a never seen before transformation. A majority of companies have already started foraying into this niche domain, thereby boosting the EV ecosystem to a whole new level. However, there are multiple-factors that precedent a sustainable growth of the industry, which includes technology advancement, adaptability, convenience, pricing, govt regulations, and smart infrastructure that ensures uninterrupted transportation.

In the recent past, the PM Modi-headed Niti Aayog has formulated draft recommendations that call for the country to switch to all-electric vehicles by 2032. If that happens, India will become the hub for manufacturing e-Vehicles. Most importantly, on the flip side, the surge in fuel prices and environmental concerns is playing a pivotal role in shaping the industry to the next level. The customers and businesses are gradually adapting to zero-emission vehicles, as it results in optimizing cost and reduces carbon footprint.

Also, with the cost of Li-ion batteries coming down, the performance of products has improved drastically, and more and more manufacturers have started work in the segment. It inevitably will give more choices to the consumer. In the past eight years, more than 4,50,000 electric 2W, were sold in India. As per industry experts, more than 17 million two-wheelers are sold annually in the country. Soon, there will be a paradigm shift in electrifying 2Ws(two-wheelers),3Ws (three-wheelers),PVs(Private Vehicles) and CVs (Commercial Vehicles).

Throwing light on the same, a man of words and simplicity, Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal, Founder, Tunwal E- Vehicle India speaks “Today, people are aware of the positive impact of e-vehicles. The thought process is slowly changing. In the future, we will see all the vehicles converted to electric vehicles. It is only a matter of time. As an e-Vehicle manufacturer, once you offer a quality product, sustainable battery life, and trusted services to the customers. They will automatically fall in love with the product and recommend it to others via word-of-mouth. It is already happening. For example, if a customer spends INR 10 to travel 80 km, obviously he will save money, rather than spending INR 100 to travel the same distance.”

The Genesisof TunwalE-Vehicle
The Tunwal family consisted of five brothers and two sisters, and the father was the only earning member in the family. As the eldest son, Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal quit his studies mid-way to support his family. In 1997, he moved to Mumbai city. Here, struggling to get a job, he later joined his maternal uncle’s business, where he was involved in the supply and distribution of electronic components across India. As the business grew, looking at his interest towards work, he was relocated to Pune to handle the business.

Garnering the experience over the years, in 1999, Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal took the entrepreneurial plunge and founded Tunwal Electronics from scratch. Based in Pune, the company was into manufacturing and supplying electronic equipment. With time, in 2013, he alongside his youngest brother Amit Tunwal, who is an electrical engineer, started Tunwal E-Vehicle India Pvt. Ltd. Recalling the initial days Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal narrates “After his graduation, Amit was planning to go to the US for studies. But, I stopped him from doing that. Because once people go there, they will never return to India. Our country has some of the
best talents and brilliant minds, who are capable of leading the future of this country, and if they go and work for multinational companies abroad, that country is benefited and not India.”Further speaking about the idea behind venturing into the EV market, Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal avers “I always wanted to do something unique, something that adds value to society. Be it in creating employment, or inducing a change in a way that results in the country’s development.”

" Carving a niche in the industry, Tunwal E-Vehicle has set a new benchmark by providing an array of premium electric bikes that are budget-friendly, eco-friendly, pocket-friendly for the consumers"

For a year or so, Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal and his army of hungry innovators studied the market thoroughly and developed a solution for assembling and marketing e-bikes. “When we entered the market, we saw many companies shutting-shop. Therefore, we analyzed various pain points and channelized the right solutions to ensure the business was profitable,” mentions Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal.

The Journey
Initially, Tunwal E-Vehicle did have a rough start. But keeping the head down, and working tirelessly, the team was able to perfect the art of assembling the electronic parts and build e-bikes, which later became a sensation in the Maharashtra region. Added to this, the experience of the founder in electronic components and running successful ventures in the past helped him build a solid ground-work, thereby adapting to the changing technology and management trends.

“For two years we toiled away indeveloping perfect products that essentially met the needs and requirement of the customers. We kept in mind the convenience, price, adaptability, battery life, speed and millage. There was no stopping for us,” mentions Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal, proudly.

Sailing against the wind, with the introduction of Govt. subsidies, technology, quality manufacturing, and assembly line all in places, from 2015 onwards, things started to get better for Tunwal E-Vehicle. Once the business picked up, Tunwal E- Vehicle started producing a range of products that gave wide options for consumers to choose from, based on the customer needs and requirements.

“Whenever a customer is investing in our product, we ensured to give them more than what they expect,” smiles Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal, sharing the success mantra of their product’s success.

A Gamut of Premium Electric Vehicles for the Locals
With an electronic component factory in Pune, Maharastra and assembly unit in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, Tunwal E-Vehicle has set up state-of-the-art facilities to produce quality e-Vehicles. Also, the company has an in-house R&D department, which continuously ideates, innovate and develop new technology to improve battery efficiency and manufacture e-Vehicles as per market requirement.

Carving a niche in the industry, Tunwal E-Vehicle has set a new benchmark by providing an array of premium electric bikes that are budget-friendly, eco-friendly, pocket-friendly for the consumers. The price of the vehicles roughly ranges from INR 32,000–60,000. “I ride the bikes that we manufacture. Hence, we make sure to have multiple uses in the eyes of the customer,” mentions Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal.

In recent times, the demand for Tunwal’s e-Vehicles has hit sky-rocket. Sharing the concern on the same Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal asserts “The market in India is huge. It is impossible for one company to address it. For instance, if there is a requirement for 10,000 EVs, we are able to supply only for 4,500 customers. Therefore, there requires a healthy collaboration and support from various institutions, both private and government to meet this burgeoning demand.”

The Road Ahead of Tunwal E-Vehicle India
In the span of five years, Tunwal E-Vehicle has hit massive growth. Most importantly, keeping the margins low for the products, the company is heading towards building trust and educating the customers, rather than focusing on the profit.“Once the trust is built in the industry, money will automatically follow,”says Mr.Jhumarmal Tunwal, happily. With a team of 65+ hardworking members, the company at the moment supplies 4000-4500 e-Vehicles on a monthly basis. In the coming days, it envisions to produce 1,00,000+ EVs a month. Tunwal E-Vehicle currently in an expansion phase has plans to expand its wings PAN India, thereby reducing the transportation cost for the products. “We have started this business from the ground up, today, the conditions are stable, and this is the market for everybody who is passionate in electrifying mobility across India,” concludes Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal, optimistically.

Amit Tunwal, Co-Founder

A Man of Words& Simplicity– Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal
Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal is a workaholic, he works 16 hours straight, eats only one time a day. For him, there is no such thing as a holiday. He believes that hard work and professional commitments is what it takes to build a successful enterprise. Even till this day, he handles end-to-end operations of the business. Right from R&D, to procuring electronic components, manufacturing of e-Vehicles, bookings, registrations, and delivering the product to the customer.

As a leader,he is a strong believer of continuous learning. He is in the business of creating employment opportunities for the youngsters in the country. The reason behind it is,when Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal was searching for jobs to support his family, he had the zeal to work,but without a proper educational qualification,he then was rejected from many companies.Therefore, he feels that there are people in this country due to several factors are unable to continue their education but are eager to work.

Today, Tunwal E-Vehicle India has given many such opportunities for people without any educational background to prove their true potential,and lead a better lifestyle.

Experience E-Bike – Go Eco Friendly
At present, Tunwal E-Vehicle has developed a range of e-Vehicles that differs on various parameters, be it in speed, mileage, battery life, and convenience. Each product is built keeping in mind the quality and safety features. All the E-bikes come with a digital speedometer and tubeless tyres. The company uses a Lead Acid battery and Li-ion battery which comes with one and two year warranty. Also, Tunwal E-Vehicle offers a wide range of colour options to their bikes, and all e-Bike is ARAI certified. Additional features include anti-theft alarm and smart locking system amongst others. More than anything, the e-Bikes price is economical, and the company provides e-Bikes under government subsidiary schemes.

Below mentioned is the list of some of the products from Tunwal E- Vehicle:

•SPORT63 – 48V
•SPORT 63 – 60V