Turing Analytics: Visual Search & Product Recommendation Solutions

Inspired by Alan Turing - the father of AI, Bangalore headquartered Turing Analytics is driven by a vision to develop solutions powered by machine learning to help businesses make data driven decisions. Turing helps the online retailers easy access in the world of Visual Commerce with their Visual Intelligence solutions. The company’s forte lies in delivering Visual Search, visually similar product recommendation and image tagging solutions to both online and offline retailers. The solutions help retailers improve product discovery, customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

An innovation focused start-up, Turing Analytics boasts of rich expertise in deep learning, and predictive analytics. The company usesits expertise to build neural nets to extract complex patterns from massive volumes of data(text, image and video).These patterns are then analysed to deliver solutions for classification tasks, semantic search, data tagging, and fast information retrieval. “With powerful machine learning capabilities, we train our algorithms to understand images like humans, identify what objects they contain, tag them accordingly and use visual search to find similar images and objects. We are teaching machines to see the world the way we humans do,” speaks Aditya Patadia, Co-Founder, Turing Analytics.

In a scenario which indicates the visual search solution segment in AI to grow at a CAGR of over 45
 Divyesh Patel,Co-Founders
Divyesh Patel, Co-founder

"We are teaching machines to see the world the way we humans do"

percent during the forecast timeline of 2018-2024 due to the increasing trends of online shopping and mobile commerce, Turing is now working on building a complete Visual intelligence stack for Retailers which will comprise of Visual search, image tagging, fashion trend recognition and object detection & identification solutions. This will help retailers to use customer images and videos from both offline and online sources to understand customer opportunities at a deep granular level, real-time analytics, predict trends, improve customer engagement by enabling Omni-channel retail, amongst others.

Cost-Effective, Simple, & Predictive Solutions
Visual Search enables online shoppers to search items using photos. It can identify the right items being searched without cropping or category selection. As a search behaviour that has arrived in the market, Visual Search now is becoming a more effective search alternative compared to text and
voice search. Majority of the companies charge a hefty amount not only on the catalogue size but also on each search performed by customers – resulting in random & of exorbitant monthly billings. “With us, our customers always know their costs beforehand. We provide cost-effective, simple, and predictable solutions with no hidden charges and that is what makes us different,” mentions Divyesh Patel, Co-Founder, Turing Analytics. The team leaves no stone unturned to offer customized image recognition models, as per client requirements.

Till date, the company has catered to clients such as Tata GTIO, Future Group, Kimberley Clark, Shopclues, amongst others.

The All-round Developments
The brainchild of two tech enthusiasts believing Machine Learning to be the technology of future, Turing Analytics in a short span of time has recorded excellent growth; in terms of revenue they have grown 200 percent YoY. In fact, last year they have crossed US$ 120,000 in revenue. “We have been profitable since day one. That’s how we want to run this business. Today, we are at an expansion phase where we provide solutions to some of the big names in the industry. Soon, we will be expanding to Australia, South-East Asia, and the European market. In terms of product development, we will be focusing on supply chain optimization technology in the coming days,” concludes Divyesh.