Tutorwaves: Unleashing the Potential of Success

Biju Ramakrishna Pillai,CEO
Biju Ramakrishna Pillai

For any parents in the world, one of the best investments they could make is definitely in their child’s future. There is no other better way than giving a good education. Though learning at school is necessary, but is not sufficient to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive world. This was soon realized by Sunils who had been residing in the US for a pretty long time. Finding themselves in a dilemma to identify the right tutor for their kids they also were able to recognize the underlying constraints of drop and pick up, exorbitant tutoring charges and others. But what struck them more was ‘whether the students were getting the incremental learning even after spending a lump sum amount and precious time’? If not, how could it be made possible and offered to other students/parents also? The entrepreneurial stints started clicking him and he discussed on the same with one of his friends, Biju, an academician turned Chartered Accountant who possessed rich expertise of working and spearheaded transformational projects in reputed MNCs across the US & UK.

Biju Ramakrishna Pillai, CEO, Tutorwaves says,“Sunil and
Itraveled across the length and breadth of the interact with parents and community groups to discern the needs for an extra help in their studies. A similar expedition was carried out in Australia as well. Realizing the need for custom-tailored and instructor assisted learning that the students could drive from their homes, we established Tutorwaves.”

" Lined up with the philosophy of ‘what they need’, its hand-picked tutors are selected on the basis of their subject matter expertise, teaching, communication, and technology skills"

A hub of expert specialist teachers with unique teaching methodologies, Tutorwaves’ journey began with a humble initiative to help students in the US. What started off with three people grew to 200+members, conducted 1000s oflive classes on monthly basis, expanding into Canada, U.K, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, GCC, India, Hong Kong and Australia.

Personalized, and Interactive learning experience
The company’s major focus has always been in two areas, viz.– highly customized and effective learning experience for its students, and transforming a big bunch of teachers from 'Good' to 'Great'. Catering to students primarily from Grade One to 12th Standard, the subjects covered include Math, Physics, Chemistry, EVS, English, Computer Science, Economics, French, Spanish, German and more. Additionally, test preparation and special courses consist of SAT, ACT, Eleven Plus, NAPLAN, Selective School Test, MS Office,
IELTS and others.

Captivating the fact that the requirement for personalized attention in education is all about staying competent and competitive, Tutorwaves endorses its belief in learning community by engaging qualified tutors with excellent teaching skills. Lined up with the philosophy of ‘what they need’, its hand-picked tutors are selected on the basis of their subject matter expertise, teaching, communication, and technology skills.“Our initial training and Continuous Professional Development [CPD] programmes are targeted to enriching our tutors,” adds Pillai.

Towards Digital Way!
Tutorwaves is not just a platform that connects students and tutors in disparate locations but tries to address real and bigger problems in the true sense. Mixing technology with solid teaching-learning techniques, Tutorwaves’ unique but simple Interactive Whiteboard entrust to have a smart-classroom setting with features like inbuilt audio & video, options to write, chat, draw and upload documents. In the next level, it aims to harness the limitless capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things. Characterized by the unique culture of creating an atmosphere of high-performance, continuous learning, empowerment and win-win attitude, Biju concludes, “We desire to make the extra learning much easier, effective and affordable to the masses at much higher scale, and are in progress to roll-out the aggressive plan in this academic year itself.”