Separator Converting Fashion to a Sustainable Cycle

Sujata Chatterjee,Founder & Managing Director

Sujata Chatterjee

Founder & Managing Director

The idea behind the inception of is considered to be one of the best start-up ideas to transform India!An idea that makes fashion sustainable, a philosophy which benefits society and environment and most importantly a retail revolution that is transforming the way India shops. Sujata Chatterjee – Founder & Managing Director mentions, “In an age of retail boom and constant purchase through online-offline sources throughout the year kept filling my wardrobe to the brim. Looking around me, I knew that my family and friends all had a similar problem – full wardrobes, wanted to shop more but not sure what to do with existing unwanted clothes lying there.”

To solve this problem of over flowing wardrobes that seems to plague, the Twirl model of retail was ideated. The platform is said to revolutionize the retail space now by not just acting as an ecommerce platform selling clothing, accessories, home decor but also by making fashion a sustainable circle through its SHOP-BUYBACK-SELL process. “Our customers are incentivised for sending their old clothes to us so
that they may continue shopping new products while Twirl either donates the old clothes(through monthly donation drives) or upscales the fabrics there by benefitting both society and environment,” enthusiastically mentions Sujata. believes in minimising wastage, conserving resources, meeting the clothing requirement of the needy as well as women empowerment

While the retail space at present looks over-crowded but it fails to please the choices of customers because of the mass-produced poor-quality offerings. Consumers naturally seek unique and different designs, affordable prices and environment friendly products. As a one-stop platform serving today’s generation, understands the needs of the modern consumer and delivers quality products that are in accordance to their preferences.

One Platform. Multiple Benefits.
Known to be a first of its kind platform, provides unique features to the customers which ensures hassle-free shopping of limited-editions, handcrafted products- clothing, accessories, home/office décors. Shipping facilities for all of the products are easily available. The platform further ensures buyback system. “Every piece of Twirl clothing comes with a unique Buyback policy so that if
after some time customers no longer want to repeat it- they can return it to Twirl and get rewarded with 30 percent of purchase value as points,” says Sujata.

Additionally, for customers with overloaded wardrobes, Twirl offers the perfect solution-send those unwanted clothes to Twirl and be rewarded with points to shop new things. “When a customer shops from, she gets to choose from unique, designer, handmade products ensuring that she always stands out in the crowd,” she adds.

The success of Twirl is not just in numbers but in the love it gets from customers across the country, the thousands of followers on Social Media. In fact, several corporates have come forward to appreciate and partner with in its mission to reduce cloth wastage. The team believes their true achievement remains in being able to provide clothing to the hundreds of people in slums/villages every month and the smile on those faces that work as their motivation.

Summing up the Roller Coaster Ride
With a girl powered team, Twirl believes in minimising wastage, conserving resources, meeting the clothing requirement of the needy aswell as women empowerment. However, increasing awareness about and getting more people involved in this sustainable movement is the immediate goal. Based on customer demands, Twirl is likely to make its entry in the offline retail space also.“There is actually lot of new, exciting things that’s going to happen this year and the team is very excited for the journey ahead,” smiles Sujata.