Tynatech Ingenious: Striving to Provide Reliable and Efficient IoT-based Solutions

 Ravi Kant Rai, CTO,   Amit Bajpai, CEO

Ravi Kant Rai, CTO

Amit Bajpai, CEO

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a key technology for Industry 4.0 projects that connects people, goods, and processes to drive digital transformation. It does this by using connected smart sensors, actuators, and more. Tynatech Ingenious, founded in 2021 and headquartered in Noida, India, by ex-Army veterans Lt.Col Ravi Kant Rai, and Lt. Col. Amit Bajpai, is a full stack IIOT 4.0 PaaS startup specializing in the niche domain of water leakage detection and resolution over LORAWAN networks under the brand ‘TYNATECH’ and IOT-based race timing systems under the brand ‘TYNARACE’.

Tynatech is on a mission to provide industrial businesses with operational and environmental transformation by deploying next-generation real-time data solutions. The firm's goal is to give all industrial businesses access to inexpensive Industry 4.0 technology and training on how to use it effectively. The intent is to fundamentally restructure the business's operations over time while minimizing risk and generating substantial commercial benefits.

Tynatech's portfolio has four core products including a Water leakage detection system for residential complexes (Tynaleak-R), a Water leakage detection system for important data centres(Tynaleak-D), a MODBUS to Ethernet IOT gateway(Prasgate-Deb), and a Race Timing System (Tynarace). The water leakage detecting system, which can find leaks in homes' bathrooms and kitchens, is the company's flagship product. This smart device can inform about any inconsistencies via mobile notifications and even get technical help automatically to
resolve issues. Tynarace, another core offering by the firm is also gaining a lot of interest from sports agencies for race timing services. The company is also working towards making it the Smart Race Timing System through its transformation to the IOT platform.

Tynatech is on a mission to provide industrial businesses with operational and environmental transformation by deploying nextgeneration real-time data solutions

“We are proud that we have been able to convert an idea to MVP in a short time and our GTM strategy has given us fruits. Our products are different from other on two premises, i.e. Usage of LORAWAN technology and use of AI to sense the usage of water. We have been able to gain our trust in the market and also give trust to customers”, shares Amit Bajpai.

Charting the Path Ahead
The company’s journey started in 2012 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, when, deployed on a peacekeeping mission with the Indian Army, Ravi encountered the scarcity of water and the fatal impact it had on the local population, while on the other hand, there was wastage of water from a residential and commercial front. Discussing the matter with Amit, who at the time was serving as Black Cat Commando at National Security Guards, the duo started looking for ways to help improve environmental conditions and start a venture focused towards climate change, culminating in the formation of Tynatech in 2021.

Amit Bajpai, CEO
“We look towards becoming the biggest IIOT solution provider in India and particularly with our own manufactured products. We would also be looking at expansion of the country market, not as a whole, but to one of the markets to have our presence and look after the international clients”, lastly shares Ravi.

Over the years, the company overcame several challenges and has curated elaborate plans for the coming years. Having a niche industry, the scope for growth is tremendous and Tynatech aspires to tap all potential opportunities to become the market leader.