Typsy Beauty: Bringing International Beauty Standards to the Fore through Innovative & Multi-functional Products

 Kairavi Bharat Ram,    FounderOver the past few years, the Indian beauty market has evolved into an exciting new space, however, it is still missing the highquality and whimsical ideation that many international counterparts boast of. But, Cue Typsy Beauty is a young millennial brand that takes it one step ahead. Positioned as India's first conceptual beauty brand Typsy Beauty is the brainchild of Kairavi Bharat Ram, makeup influencer-turned entrepreneur whose love for makeup and the desire to create a fun and empowering beauty brand led to the birth of Typsy Beauty. “We aim to disrupt the conventional norms of what has been on offer to Indian consumers thus far in the colour cosmetics space”, says Bharat Ram, Founder, Typsy Beauty.

Products Customized for Indian Skin Tones
Typsy Beauty is a new-age brand competing to be a global player in the makeup industry. It is poised to be an unconventional brand, targeting an inclusive and gender-neutral millennial audience. The brand champions new global concepts in beauty, while weaving in aspects from the Indian sensibility.

Typsy Beauty’s products are authentic and innovative, and created in the finest labs across the world, including beauty hubs like
Italy and Korea, yet they are designed to suit Indian skin tones. With these products, Typsy Beauty intends in bringing the fun in functionality to empower consumers and ameliorate the process of applying makeup for any occasion, or none at all.

“I am delighted to be able to share my dream of creating a beauty brand that stands for quality, innovation, authenticity, and inclusivity at every level. I am keen to drive this business on these very virtues and appeal to a millennial audience which I know at this point is underserved by the generic standards of the beauty industry. I am certain our edge and creativity will shine with this audience and we can take pride in being India’s first-ever conceptual beauty brand”, says Bharat.

Typsy Beauty has not held back in being experimental, yet hits the nail on multifunctional products that work well for Indian skintones

Attracting More Traction through Social Media Platforms
Each product offered by Typsy Beauty has a story to tell, and a problem to solve. With functionality and innovation at the heart of the brand, Typsy Beauty also wants to build a community of makeup enthusiasts through a unique platform it calls the Typsy Tribe.

Typsy Beauty's distinctive portfolio has a wide range of product offerings that include dual sided Eyeliners, Eye shadow palettes that work for the full-face, blushes containing 3-in-1 ultra pigmented formulas & highlighters developed using innovative wet-powder technology.

The packaging of the products also adds to the list of Typsy Beauty’s USPs, providing quirky elements and an edgy appeal while being rooted in the brand’s ethos. There are new products soon to make their launch in the segment in a forthcoming year including putty blushes, dual & mini lipsticks, face setting powders, and more. Each product is made of highquality, with an excellent colour pay-off and works well on all Indian skin tones.

Typsy Beauty product range starts at Rs.650 and is available exclusively on their website. The brand, whilst being a D2C setup, will follow an omni channel approach.