Tyson Retail Services: Creating a collaborative Logistics ecosystem

Rittik Sharma, Founder & CEO

Rittik Sharma

Founder & CEO

New Delhi based Tyson Retail Services, a brainchild of Rittik Sharma is a tech-enabled distribution company that is changing the way of doing Last Mile and Retail movement of goods. Keeping technology at the core, the company provides solutions to businesses /individuals with complete retail distribution through mobile, web application and calls.

Tyson Retail came into being at a time when the complete SME logistics service was under served and unorganized. Most were focusing on automotive parts and e-commerce and nobody was focusing on the SME/ retail space. At that point of time, Rittik felt that SMEs could gain prominence if there was a service given to them that can match their pockets as well. He then made up his mind to start his own logistics business which would entirely focus on the retail market along with the B2B and B2C. The rest is history. “The entire thing was planned, and we started working on the same in just a drive of two hours with my father Mr. Rajesh Sharma,” speaks Rittik.

Tyson aspires to build and connect India by creating a collaborative and
harmonious ecosystem where stakeholders will work together to build a sector which, contrary to its current state, will be known for its safety, reliability, transparency, precision and the ability to create value for everyone. The core of whatever is done at Tyson is rooted strongly in this broader purpose.

With superlative technology, Tyson offers its customers an application that helps them reducing their, manpower, less paperwork, low follow-ups

Since inception, the company has ensured to make simple yet effective tech that is run centrally. “I personally look into each shipment that has been booked through Tyson. The tech has made it very easy for us to look on everything and solve it if any problem occurs. In the same way, all the reports and data regarding the shipments are sent automatically to the customers, that reduces the hassle of the customer in following up with the transporter or the logistics service providers,” informs Rittik.

During building a digital, faster and efficient logistics distribution network for India and the world, Tyson offers a wide range of options and does not compromise on its focus on commitments, reliability & high quality of services. They also offer specific expedited deliveries which are more cost
effective than purchasing / hiring dedicated full truck loads or LTL trucking. Recently, the company has introduced the concept of Hotshot Trucking that gives them an edge over the other players in the market. Rittik says, “This concept of ours is making LDC (local distribution) different from the regular trucking concept (i.e.fixed model). Because of this, the organizations which involves cargoes that are usually smaller, high valued and often varies time sensitive in nature will therefore need to be urgently delivered.”

With superlative technology, Tyson offers its customers an application that helps them reducing their, manpower, less paperwork, low follow-ups and many such things. The customers now can book their shipments- anytime and any where, without worrying about the pickups and deliveries. “We are yet to launch it to the market, but yes, it will give a huge relief to the retailers as well as the MNC’s,” he adds.

Building a Door of Opportunities
Over the years, Tyson has witnessed an overwhelming growth in terms of the business. The company in a span of three months has expanded to the entire western and northern regions with 40+ branches and 100+ serviceable locations. With single window logistics solution matched with a hub-and-spoke distribution model and a team of young and energetic people and dedicated route line-hauls,drives costs lower, Tyson irrefutably has a promising future in the retail industry.