UDENZ: Engaging Dentists and Dental Patient via complete Dental Eco System

Dr. Hisham Safadi,Founder & CEO

Dr. Hisham Safadi

Founder & CEO

The paradigm shift towards health tech has been borne out of the electronic revolution combined with a need for reliable information. The transformational influence of the digital world is evident in dentistry; with cutting edge technologies used by the doctors to serve patients better and help clinicians achieve more efficient outcomes. In the present time, the dental industry is ushering to be a fast changing industry in terms of dental materials and usage of Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is influencing the industry. On the other hand, dental patients are in anticipation of affordable dental treatments, best quality and ease of access. Understanding this, UDENZ has built a solution that scales up to address each factor and in return, it is increasing market share and being more stable to deliver ease of access to high quality and affordable dental treatments.

UDENZ is deemed to be a market leader in delivering quality realtime engagement between new and current dental patients and dentists. The dental healthcare engagement platform in Middle East and Gulf Countries has impanelled over 1000 dental clinics and more than 4000 professional team of dental specialists and dentists who are committed to excellence in dentistry in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. Covering over 14 Cities in those countries. The platform enables users to make appointments with dentists in any location. “We complete dental appointments more
effectively and provide patient-oriented treatments with outstanding quality and results by reducing waiting time at dental clinics,” speaks Dr Hisham Safadi Founder & CEO.

Over the years, UDENZ has grown from 200 dentists to over 4000 dentists who are verified as practising dentists in GCC, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon

The Beginning
The ideation of UDENZ transpired from personal experience. Dr Hisham Safadi was born and raised in the UAE. While he was pursuing his master’s degree in the UK, once he got inflammation in his lower tooth. Being an outsider,it was almost impracticable for him to know any of dentists in my area. Additionally, as a student, he could not figure out which of GP Dentist will treat a for eigner student. The idea of UDENZ then struck his mind. He thought to create a platform to connect patients with dentists, especially those patients who are travelling or looking for specific dental treatment. “The easiest way was smartphones and with 99 per cent access to the internet in UAE and UK the opportunity was clear; allowing patients to shout for an appointment with dentists via smartphones,” mentions Dr Hisham.

Since then, UDENZ has strived to be known as the preferred dental technology partner for large local Health and Insurance companies in UAE. At present, it is also considered as one of the specialized Dental Networks in UAE. “We do not provide booking systems with time slots but we allow immediate access to dental care providers,” he informs.

A Bright Future
Over the years, UDENZ has grown from 200 dentists to over 4000 dentists who are verified as practising dentists in GCC, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. Dr Hisham enlightens, “We have signed up over 200 Dentists in India and Philippines that will serve our future milestones. Additionally, we have introduced our first affordable dental benefit plans that are compatible with Medical Insurance in the UAE.”

From a team of 3 tech geeks, UDENZ has grown to be a team of 12 now. The company has recorded revenue growth of 12 per cent per year. In 2018, it had successfully raised 200,000 USD from a crowdfunding campaign. In 2020, the focus is to raise 1.2 Million USD. “We are building a Dental Claim engine based on Blockchain which will allow us to develop a reliable and real time risk assessment tool. We are incubated at DIFC Hive which is a great community that is giving us big support toward gearing up to achieve our goals,” he concludes.