Uimatic : Build Visually Appealing Solutions

Desh Raj Bhandari, Co-Founder; Vivek Negi, CTO; Harish Sharma, Chief-Design Officer; Minal Thakur, Chief of Staffing & HR,The new age has acquainted us with the constantly evolving and comprehensive technology sector which has paved path for polymaths to make ground breaking technological innovations. This space beguiled the interest of a passionate technocrat, Desh Raj Bhandari who had the fervid of crafting out realistic approaches to solve the problems drawing breath in the industry. It was this penchant for technology, creative thinking and the desire to think up pragmatic provisions that enkindled him to form an adroit squad and lay the foundation of a novel tech firm Uimatic that is designed to sketch out constructive products from trailblazing ideas. Its foundation is based on four founding pillar Vivek Negi, Harish Sharma, Zafar Ahmed, and Ishan who have shaped up the existence of the concern.

“The industry is vast and full of opportunities. Its ever evolving nature has always played host to new innovative ideas and creation. On the other hand the demand for

Minal Thakur,Chief of Staffing & HR

top-notch solutions is also high in the market and that is exactly what stimulated me to venture into this domain. Through this initiative I got the opportunity to measure up the technological needs of the clients with quality products and solutions,” states Desh Raj Bhandari, Co-Founder, Uimatic.

Based in the land of five rivers Punjab, Uimatic adheres to the mantra of standing out and above by delivering futuristic customer and far reaching services listed as Web Application, Bot Development, e-Commerce Portal, Server Administration, UI/UX Development, Mobile App Development, and others. All these services are devised for one main purpose and that is to bolster the overall stature of an organization. The company endeavours in fashioning eye-catching websites to captivate the senses of the business people and targeted audience. It lends a helping hand to established as well as SMEs it has a vision of making it big in the industry.
“We at Uimatic are of the opinion that quality can be tamed and can only sustain only if a company is facilitated with technological know-how. It is only through productive solutions that a business can grow and flourish and this is what we exactly do here, we analyse, understand and evaluate the finest solution that aids the objective of our clients,” he adds.

Harish Sharma, Chief Design Officer

The Team
Uimatic’s tower of strength is its team which has been enthusiastically putting together resources to engineer the best fitting deliverables since the first day of its inception. It is the joint collaboration of the prime movers and the team which has empowered the company to gain grounds in the ecosystem. Over the years, they have not only built new products but contributed towards aggrandizing the quality of the previous offerings.

Uimatic adheres to the mantra of standing out and above by delivering futuristic customer and far reaching services

It is quite obligatory for organizations to take charge of its workforce needs and contentment in order to have their never ending support and loyalty. Uimatic perceives this very well, and considering this it has framed an amicable and productive work environment for its team go great guns in terms of knowledge, skills and opportunities. Apart from this, the company confers sessions like Yoga, Financial Management lessons, Health programs, Social causes and many more. The object of exercise here is to upgrade and enrich the lives of each and every employee dedicating their time, energy and creativity for the betterment of the company. “We as a team have worked wonders; we take pride in saying that our bootstrapped company is a cut above the rest. Cloud computing and DevOps are some of the innovations we have come up with in the recent years. We have not only served clients in India but across the globe to about 15 countries. We have embraced latest market trends and technology such as AI and BOTs,” informs Desh.

Vivek Negi, Founding Member & CTO

The Future
Uimatic plans to include more services in its list and embellish the ones it already has dab hands on. Its core intention is to maintain its reputation of being a employee centric firm, contriving the best working environment to accomplish the desire of being the most opted company to work for in Punjab.