Unblock Technolabs: Bringing the Power of Blockchain to Your Fingertips

 Dhaval Davra, COO,Vijay Bhayani, CEO &Tejas Zadafiya, CTO

Dhaval Davra, COO

Vijay Bhayani, CEO &Tejas Zadafiya, CTO

India has witnessed a significant rise in web3 startups in recent years, fuelled by a growing need for decentralized technologies and the potential these startups have to address various issues in sectors such as finance, healthcare, and supply chain management. Established in 2021, Unblock Technolabs is revolutionizing the way people interact with the internet. It is at the forefront of the web3 movement and is committed to driving innovation and progress in this exciting field.

Unblock Technolabs offers blockchain development services that include development, implementation, customization, and optimization to help companies bring their web3 ideas to life. Many businesses with innovative concepts seek the assistance of a reliable partner in the blockchain industry, and Unblock Technolabs can assist them in fully utilizing this revolutionary technology.Unblock Technolabs boasts a wealth of experience and a highly sophisticated intelligence system that spans various industries and domains. It works with clients to help them become successful and highly efficient web3 organizations.

India’s web3 ecosystem is snow balling over the past two years. Indian startups such as Polygon, Wazirx, and Coindcx have gained widespread recognition globally. India has a large consumer base for the web3 industry, and the increasing interest of millennials and Gen-Z in the metaverse, NFTs, and Defi has generated numerous opportunities for startups.
Unblock Technolabs was set up in Surat amid a rapid increase in demand for IT services following the COVID pandemic. With the rise of COVID and the new work culture,it brought about, the benefits of digitization became apparent. At the same time, the emerging technology of Web3 was expected to transform both physical and digital business models. However, the shortage of Web3 service companies in India resulted in a gap between demand and supply. Recognizing this as a potential opportunity, Unblock Technolabs was established as a Web3 services company to capitalize on the increasing demand for such services in the market.

Our ultimate goal is to create an autonomous database system using blockchain technology

Unblock Technolabs offers consultation, development, and audit services for Web3 projects, including metaverse, Defi, NFT marketplaces, and DEXes. It also assists organizations in upgrading their web2 infrastructure to web3. The firm offers end to end products and provides dedicated resources based on the customer's needs, giving them a wide range of options to choose from. In addition, the strong support channel ensures that product operations run smoothly without any interruptions.

“Our customers run protocols having a large user base, good market cap plus ranking and dominating presence in the web3 space. Unblock Technolabs acts as a technical partner for these protocols, which helps establish its reputation as a reliable web3 service provider and makes it a go-to choice for web3 projects”, shares Vijay Bhayani, CEO. Unblock Technolabs has successfully served more than 20 clients across seven countries with a 100 percent client retention rate in recent years. Some of the renowned clients include Donkey Finance, Uniwswap, Treedefi, Gamblefi, No limit Coin, Home jab Market place, RealArt, Gutter Cat Gang, Meta Penguin Island, and Carved. As a bootstrapped startup, the firm has been profitable since its inception and has projected revenue of $1 million for the upcoming year. The firm has experienced exponential growth in terms of revenue and clients and has been well-received by the market for its services.

In the near future, Unblock Technolabs plans to develop blockchain technologies for various applications. “We are targeting to expand our services in enterprise blockchain solutions, artificial intelligence, data science, virtual and augmented reality, and the internet of things. In the coming year, we plan to have a team of 100 individuals from diverse backgrounds to amplify our growth trajectory”, concludes Dhaval Davra, COO.