Unitplex: Bespoke SEO &Digital Marketing Services

Swaraj Sahu, CEOWho doesn’t love perfection? For any business to run successfully, both perfection and progress counts. Odisha based Unitplex, a team of swaggers who work hard & party harder always care about perfection. As a company dealing with Indian e-commerce which provides sells to merchandise partners through different portals, Unitplex has multiple products and are great at syncing in perfect.

Unitplex provides the entire range of Digital Marketing services such as SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Lead generation, ORM, amongst others. “Our uniqueness is our approach. We do a substantial usage of data & analytics in marketing. We drill down to the basics, to show how we assist start-ups to harness the potential of digital marketing,” speaks Swaraj Sahu, Co-founder, Unitplex.

The Idea behind Unitplex
The ideation of Unitplex took shape when Swaraj met Digbijaya on an online forum. At that time both of
them were pursuing and opted for freelance work to earn pocket money. After finishing their degree, they discovered their knack towards digital marketing. They soon zeroed in establishing a coupon website named Throwing light on, Swaraj says, “We had profound knowledge on digital marketing and at the same time we witnessed that India is going digital rapidly creating space for digital marketing. With decent investments to start off, we chose this space to function.”

" Unitplex has 80 percent + retention of its workforce and has 100+ e-commerce partners PAN India & 50+ clients across the world"

With websites like Promocodeclub and Viraltalks, Unitplex over the years has constantly strived to provide quality services with their inbound marketing strategies that help clients’ website to improve its performance over the relevant competitors to achieve better position on search engines. Deemed to be one of the most dynamic SEO agencies assisting businesses to move up the listings, Unitplex Solutions offers bespoke SEO & digital marketing services that cater to the needs of start-ups.

“We treat clients’ website just like ours. We don't scale our client base much instead love to scale business of clients. Our USP is Analytical Marketing Approach. By using various data & insights, we target
potential users,” he informs.

Interestingly, Promocodeclub has grown from 100 visitors to 1lkh visitors/day in one year. The website has gained 2X revenue by doing conversion rate optimization(CRO). “After all, in any business, revenue and traffic both stands a win-win situation,” Swaraj mentions.

Surpassing the Odds, closer to Destiny!
Providing more clarity to a website’s presence, Unitplex is growing at a rate of 10 percent. The company has 80 percent + retention of its workforce and has 100+ e-commerce partners PAN India & 50+ clients across the world. The Unitplex team has plans to expand to other cities for their upcoming SaaS product. “We have connection with some experienced CXOs we advise and guide us regularly,” says Swaraj.

Unitplex has been awarded with Make in Odisha award in the year 2017. “Though we have given crores of sales/month to our partners like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik & other PAN India companies, we have started taking local clients a few months before,” he adds.

In the years to come, team Unitplex envisions adding more media websites to their portfolio & expanding their client base. “We are developing SaaS tools for SEO & digital marketing which will help digital marketers,” he concludes.