Unmarshal: A Blockchain Data Infrastructure Powering DeFi Applications on any Chain

Manohar Kolagondanahalli,   Founder & CEOWeb3 (third generation of the World Wide Web)has become a buzzword with technological concepts such as metaverse and NFTs gaining prominence. With increasing confidence and interest from global investors, investments in Indian Web3 and Web 2.5 startups have also soared. As the worldwide demand for blockchain specialists and developers surges, India's existing and fastest-growing digital talent pool has incumbent advantages regarding expertise development, quick reskilling, and bridging the Web3 demand supply gap. Further, this talent pool is expected to grow by over 120 percent in the next 1-2 years. Industry and government stakeholders in India are taking a very pragmatic approach towards blockchain tech, with user cases being explored in areas ranging from health & safety, finance, enterprise tech, and land registry to education. India is home to over 11 percent of the global Web3 talent, making the country the third largest Web3 talent pool globally. Established in 2021, Unmarshal is a reliable blockchain data infrastructure that delivers granular, reliable, and real time data to DeFi protocols, NFTs, Metaverse, and GameFi solutions.

Blockchain data is hard to access, and it doesn't make sense for every startup to reinvent the wheel by writing blockchain indexers. Unmarshal is always focused on providing developers with simple and
dependable access to blockchain data. The company assists aspiring entrepreneurs and developers in Web3 as a one-stop solution for all their blockchain needs. Unmarshal handles everything from token balance to sending notifications to users from on chain. It also assists non-developer communities such as analysts and business owners by providing a no code smart contract indexer that allows them to gain insights into any intelligent contract. Since its inception, the company has received $925,000 in grants through the indexing of seven blockchains and currently serves 1700 web3 startups to access blockchain data. “Unmarshal is a reliable infrastructure provider in the ecosystem that is capable of delivering streamlined data from different chains”, speaks Manohar Kolagondanahalli, Founder & CEO, Unmarshal.

We started Unmarshal with a vision to bring composability into Web3 & make the experience as seamless as Web2

Web3 Reimagined
Unmarshal is a decentralized network of blockchain data indexers and transforming tools, and its product suite consists of four major segments. ‘Core API’ includes data endpoints to fetch relevant backend data while building a DeFi or NFT-related application. The ‘Parser’ tool allows users to index their chosen smart contract, query data specific to that contract, and create visual dashboards to analyze dApp's data. ‘Notifications’ alerts users on events triggered by a smart contract. ‘Xscan’ multi chain wallet explorer helping traders keep track of their crypto assets/portfolio. "Unmarshal offers data from over 30+ block chains, an unparalleled number compared to other service providers”, says Manohar.

Unmarshal offers experienced building analytics solutions for a range of dApps such as DEXs, bridges, insurance protocols, and support for DeFi and NFT applications, with endpoints that cater to the entirety of Web3. The company provides a zerocode innovative contract indexing solution that is easy to deploy and offers reliable & robust data querying with low latency and competitive and scalable pricing. Unmarshal plans to launch its blockchain, becoming a Blockchain as a service and provide its own nodes for ac cessing chain data. Further, the company will be focusing on growing and maintaining relations with its developer community, as they are the backbone of its entire business.