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Visweswara Rao, CEO, Dinesh Ilindra, CTO

Visweswara Rao, CEO

Dinesh Ilindra, CTO

Leading a current trend of NRIs returning back to India to start something on their own this month we have one such individual Visweswara Rao.

Visweswara Rao a serial entrepreneur who was working for a startup in the US that offers an emergency management software, customized the software towards the aviation industry and built a product that empowered airport operations. After successfully implementing the software for over 100 airports in the US he decided to leave the firm and follow his dream to start his own business back here in India. While in the US, his wife, Vanessa Noronha ventured a company that provided digital marketing and technology solutions for small businesses. When they decided to move back to India, they contacted their ex-colleague and friend Dinesh Ilindra who has robust expertise in enterprise software development and has developed innovative solutions for top notch brands. Together, with a vision to offer best-in-class technology solutions that simplifies business processes they founded Unovate Simple Technologies in the year 2019.

Altogether, the founding partners have over 40 years of Industry experience developing software for companies such as General Electric, NBC Universal, Home Depot and Disney. "The key focus areas while
developing enterprise applications are scalability disaster recovery and information security. Not many software companies maintain these priorities while developing software and this focus highly helps our clients to raise capital. We constantly try to put ourselves in our customer's shoes. We look at technology as an enabler and try to solve complex business problems which is our forte," says Visweswara Rao, CEO.

At Unovate Simple Technologies, we try to solve complex business problems using simple yet effective technology solutions

Incorporating eminent thoughts, the company has three major focuses. Firstly, developing the next generation airport operations product called Aero Simple. The second is the team which specializes in partnering with small businesses to improve their online marketing. The third is an innovative software development crew that can conceptualize and develop any software from scratch using the latest in web and mobile technologies. For over 15 years, the founder shave successfully implemented several technology solutions for diverse industries.

Serving in three primary focus areas digital marketing software development, and airport operations software the company creates tailor made marketing strategies targeting specific demographics to generate new leads for a business. It designs and develops software applications from scratch with specialization in developing SaaS-based tech products for clients. It also owns a product called AeroSimple that makes airport operation and management effortless. Starting from user interface design to ideating solution architecture and then developing the software Unovate Simple is recognized as a one-stop-shop for developing innovative software.

"One of our clients, a highend fitness center in the US earned more than 600 paid memberships within 6 weeks of opening. They are on the verge of opening three other centers with our online marketing strategies. Having our clientele based in the US, we successfully launched four SaaS products,"he informs.

The company will be launching their innovative airport operations product, AeroSimple next month. "We are equally excited about launching some of our customer's products in the US. We have adopted some new technology stacks like Serverless and GraphQL and looking forward to their results." he concludes.