Uptime AI: Improving the Outcomes of Process Industries with the Unmistakable Power of Artificial Intelligence

Jagadish Gattu,   CEOThe emerging power scenario has been a game changer for the power generation industry. It has been seen that traditional approaches in the Power and Energy Industry are failing miserably to keep up with the complexity of large data and processes in the current times. Hence, the majority of the plants in today’s time have started relying on AI or artificial intelligence as it is slowly and gradually becoming more applicable to the power and energy sector and can digitally transform their operations with the adoption of new IT innovations. UPTIMEAI is one such artificial intelligence based monitoring software which is combining predictive maintenance with explainable failure modes along with self-learning workflows to mitigate equipment failures and performance loss in process industries.

With the help of UPTIMEAI, users can get early warnings and accurate diagnoses of equipment or process anomalies and loss of efficiency, thus increasing plant profitability. Established in 2019 in Bangalore, the company offers its services across the industry verticals of power generation, oil and gas, chemicals, metals, and food and beverage. “Our firm uses a unique system approach powered by deep learning to understand the correlations between upstream and downstream operations to reduce the flood of alarm spam to a single precise alarm”, says Jagadish Gattu, CEO of UPTIMEAI.

Focussed on the Efficiency of Operations
The company understands the exact need of its customers. Hence, it created the world’s first one-of a-kind ‘AI Expert’ by combining cutting-edge research and decades of domain knowledge to keep its customers ten steps ahead of process inefficiencies or equipment failures across the full plant. UPTIMEAI lets its engineers focus on what matters most-making operational decisions rather than sorting alarms. UPTIMEAI also reduces maintenance expenses by providing live health monitoring of sensors and assets.

UPTIMEAI’s idea behind this software was to create a virtual expert which can not only identify the problem at an early stage & inform the operator about the actual issue but can also tell the steps to solve that issue

The company has created an autonomous AI engine that continuously learns from sensor data and user activities to automatically adjust the models and learn best practices with user permission. Now, users don’t need to update manual rules and models, rather they can be updated with the power of AI. The UPTIMEAI inference engine has a built-in database for over 120 plus equipment types with more than 500 failure modes to provide precise answers. The company has a dedicated and highly experienced team of domain experts, data science experts and software development professionals along with an implementation team.

UPTIMEAI helps its clients to cover the full balance of plants and stay competitive in today’s data-driven world. The company is empowering people and organizations with its AI-driven solutions that automates mundane and repetitive tasks. Many organizations are increasing their workforce productivity with UPTIMEAI’s intelligent system that can analyze upstream or downstream impacts and explains failure modes.

Presently, the company has deployments in Asia, the Middle East, and North America and is considered a pioneer in empowering operational teams in heavy asset industries such as Power and Energy across the border. The vision of UPTIMEAI is to create a virtual expert for every machine in the world. Although right now it is targeting mainly on heavy asset industry as it is looking forward to becoming a leader in this segment in the coming years. The company is aiming to improve workforce productivity through its solutions by democratizing knowledge with explainable and self-learning AI in the coming future.