User Connect Consultancy: Empowering User-centric Design & Transformative Insights in India

Shipra Bhutada,Founder & Director - User Research

Shipra Bhutada

Founder & Director - User Research

User Research is gaining significant traction in the Indian market, driven by advancements in digital technologies and a heightened focus on user-centric design. Businesses across sectors are recognizing the value of integrating User Research into their product development cycles. By employing methodologies such as in-depth interviews, surveys, concept evaluations & usability testing, and ethnographic research, companies gain valuable insights that help them decode the user and their behaviors that empower them to make informed decisions by eliminating guess work and enable the creation of meaningful, desired, impactful and user-centric solutions.

"By targeting the launch of new products with clear projections & goals driven by user research, ucc enables businesses to make informed decisions that plays a pivotal role in setting them up for success in the chosen markets/achieve their business vision & goals"

User Connect Consultancy (UCC), Founded by Shipra Bhutada, a user research expert with a postgraduate in New Media from the esteemed National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, is a boutique user research entity based out of Hyderabad, India. UCC firmly believes that adopting a user-centric approach is the foundation for business innovation and strategic transformation. “Our insightful, audacious, and candid research practice plays a pivotal role in facilitating the development of meaningful strategies, products, services, and user experiences”, expressed Shipra Bhutada, Founder & Director-User Research.

How UCC is helping businesses deliver better experience & elevate the quality of life of the end user
UCC excels in meticulously planning and devising user research strategies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the current market landscape and gaps that exists which has potential to lay the foundation of future opportunities. By bridging the gap between businesses and end-users, UCC fosters an impartial and transparent research system. This invaluable system provides transformative insights that actively shape business strategies, propel product development, and enhance the overall user experience.

It is a 100 percent user research firm that goes above and beyond to understand, connect, and observe clients' requirements and identify any existing gaps. The company helps clients identify unmet and unarticulated user needs, untapped markets, evaluate early set of ideas, gain confidence in existing products, evaluate and test new offerings, and generate ideas and concepts by delving into user motivations, aspirations, needs, and challenges. By targeting the launch of new products with clear projections and goals driven by user research, UCC enables businesses to make informed decisions that plays a pivotal role in setting them up for success in the chosen markets/achieve their business vision and goals.

By Fostering Empathy & Human Connection, Our Team At UCC Have Built Strong Relationships & Delivered Exceptional Results

The Client Roster & Future Plans
UCC has had the privilege of working with renowned brands across various industries/domains both at India and global levels - such as Microsoft, Indeed, Moj, SHARECHAT, MPL, Medtronic, AAROGYASETU, MAKEMYTRIP, Asian Paints, Goibibo, OPPO, Sixt, and Arogya Finance, among others. “By fostering empathy and human connection, our teams at UCC have built strong relationships and delivered exceptional results”, says Shipra.

With a solid growth trajectory, UCC aims to expand its team and client base in the near future. The consultancy seeks to recruit the best thinkers in the industry who can formulate effective strategies in complex research scenarios. Additionally, it is dedicated to supporting startup businesses and plans to introduce new programs and initiatives to help startups develop better products. UCC aims to be an integral part of the startup journey, supporting them until they become self-sufficient.

The rise of User Research in the Indian market reflects a growing awareness of the importance of user-centric design in creating successful products and services. UCC, with its commitment to driving user-centric design and its portfolio of transformative insights, stands at the forefront of this movement. It has recently entered an MoU with T-Hub- world’s largest innovation hub to enable start-up founders embrace user-centricity in all stages of their product and business development. Through their meticulous research methodologies and dedication to client success, UCC continues to make a significant impact in shaping user experiences and driving business growth in India and beyond.