USEReady: Empowering Businesses with People-Centric, Future Ready, & Data-driven Solutions

Uday Hegde, Co-Founder & CEO, Lalit Bakshi, Co-Founder & President

Uday Hegde, Co-Founder & CEO

Lalit Bakshi, Co-Founder & President

Today, data is an asset that helps a business differentiate in a highly competitive market. By 2010, Digitalization efforts and Modern data tools deployed across industry verticals and functions had democratized the process of data generation and analysis, which resulted in humongous data volume. To monetize this volume of data, a sophisticated approach is needed for the collection, homogenization, and extraction of business value from the data. Enterprises started appointing a new custodian for the data asset by creating Chief Data/Digital Officers (CDOs) or Chief Analytics Officers. CDOs needed a new category of vendors, who were competent in the world of data analytics rather than traditional system integrators.

Some of the challenges CDOs encounter are community development, Data Literacy initiatives, Legacy Retirement, Data Governance and security, Charge back models, RBAC (Role-based access control), Security Audit, Data process automation, Harmonize Data Science and Data Engineering programs Data Monetization via Embedded Analytics and Business Analytics, and more. These intrinsic challenges compound with the enterprise culture and macroeconomic factors.

Established in the year 2011, USEReady has carved a niche for itself as a reputed data and analytics firm that provides the strategies, tools, capabilities, and capacity that businesses require to turn their data into a competitive advantage. With partners such as Salesforce, Snow flake, and Amazon Web Services, USEReady is on a mission to make companies future-ready through a data-driven approach to achieving operational excellence. USEReady has been recognized by Red Herring, Inc 500, Tableau partner of the year. Over the last decade, USEReady has emerged as the ideal partner to the CDO office by comprehensively addressing the challenges encountered by the CDO office.

Deep expertise in enterprise technology landscape combined with global delivery from offices in the US, Canada, Singapore, and India, USEReady serves Fortune 50 customers in Banking, Capital Markets, Health Life Sciences, and High Technology.

USEReady is well known in the market for its capabilities in three vectors: analytics, data and cloud, and decision intelligence. For starters, analytics provides insights for decision makers with rich data stories about their business function. The second vector is data and cloud, which assists businesses in scaling and assembling their data infrastructure in a secure and scalable cloud environment. Third, using decision intelligence, USEReady provides solutions for a variety of functions such as sales, marketing, human resources, and finance, among others to translate insights into decisions and apply automation techniques.
A People first Organization
USEReady basic values include client centricity, community, continual improvement, integrity, and humility. As a people-first corporation, USEReady regards its employees as significant assets. There is a famed story about how USEReady expanded into new territories and practices successfully by purely following people's needs rather than P&L-centric decisions. The company always puts people first in every decision. As a result, USEReady has become a preferred employer with high ratings on Glassdoor, Great Place to Work certified, serving as a breeding ground for bright people who collaborate to solve complicated data challenges and offer intelligent outcomes. The team is further backed by a seasoned leadership team that has led major portfolios across large corporations and has always been on the cutting edge of evangelizing the necessary innovation. This has helped USEReady to put together a team at the top that understands how to navigate the customer landscape and understands how to provide people with leadership skills.

“Many of our newcomers appreciate the advantage of having a mentorship program where they can benefit from a continual learning environment. People are encouraged to experiment and discover new areas here. Experiment with different geographies as well. Furthermore, having locations all over the world allowed us to develop mobility programs for our employees seeking career transfer and transformation", explains Lalit Bakshi, Co-Founder, USEReady.
An Objective-Driven Approach
USEReady has identified key setup areas that are vital to its customers. The acronym 'MOM' stands for modernization, optimization, and migration. First and foremost, it is about data Modernization with certain suppliers or technology products. The second step is to Optimize the strategy, governance, and legacy ecosystems. Finally, Migration from legacy to contemporary data infrastructures.

Some of the innovative products that USEReady has devised are Pixel Perfect (Creating high-precision, well formatted, print ready reports for audit, compliance, and adhoc reporting, from within Tableau dashboard), and STORM (An automation tool to move Dashboards from Tableau Server to Tableau Cloud). “We are also working on areas such as CDO Vantage where we are developing bundled solutions for CDO challenges in an enterprise. Further more, we have built an easy-to-use platform called analytics 4banks where we can share, advocate, and teach our customers about data literacy using visual analytics and data storytelling approaches", concludes Uday.

Going forward, USEReady is growing along the organic internal promotion based model combined with inorganic consolidating boutique data analytics consulting vendors, who are seeking to work with Fortune 500 into the USEReady platform. This will help USEReady to bring the needed capabilities to provide a global marketplace for any data analytics service providers across the world. To execute their mission, USEReady has received a growth investment from Boston, US-based PE firm Abry Partners. Abry is a proven investor with an excellent track record over three decades.

Awards & Recognition:
The Red Herring Top 100 Award,
The Inc. 500 Award,
Tableau Partner of the Year, Uday Hegde
Great Place to Work

Core Leadership:
Uday Hegde (Co-Founder & CEO),
Lalit Bakshi (Co-Founder & President),
Greg Kinney (Chief Revenue Officer),
Ravindra Dekate (Chief Delivery Officer),
Matt Johnson (SVP Strategy & GTM)