Uvaska: Leading Source & Partner for Engineering, Manufacturing & Automation Solutions

Karen Lopez Rojas & Revanasiddappa N. G.,   Managing PartnersThe robotics market in India has gained traction as a result of industrial expansion, the digital revolution, and widespread automation adoption. Every market sector has accepted the demand for industrial robotics. The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is expected to play a significant role in driving demand for industrial robotics in India. Technological advancement has aided in dealing with the complexities of industrial operations, driving an increase in demand for automated robotic solutions across various industrial sectors. According to this advancement in the relevant sector, an Australian Origin firm known as Uvaska provides a variety of services under a single umbrella with standardized quality.

Uvaska is an Australian Origin robotics and Automation firm currently operating in Bengaluru with a strong motto to provide a comprehensive service in the arena of engineering, manufacturing and automation. This firm creates sustainable value for customers through smart technology and innovative solutions. The wide array of services of the firm includes product development machined or fabricated parts supply custom purpose machines industrial & robotics automation manufacturing & assembly. This firm's comprehensive assistance in different spectrums of industrial gantry robotics and automation makes this firm a pioneer in the market with collective facilities.

The quality of the product gradually decides the standard of the firm. From that angle, Uvaska follows a distinct way to deal with it. Speaking more on this company's Engineering Lead, Patgar says, “We are mastered in product development we develop the products as per the client's requirements and we get the patent for the same. Once we get the patent, we consecutively start the manufacturing of the pertinent products. Since our team is actively involved in the development process, they understand the intricacies of the product. This helps us to manufacture optimal products with a high efficiency rate. This practice certainly eradicates deficiencies in the products and, thus, makes our firm highly trusted by customers from different parts of India”.

Revanasiddappa N. G., Managing Partner

Interconnected Entities Shape Absolute Products
The firm, Uvaska, is new to the Indian market. It has had its roots in Australia for the past five years. The volume expansion led this firm to shift to India. Manufacturing, engineering automation, and robotics are the key domains in which Uvaska has strong brainpower. Manufacturing, being the most lucrative entity among others, predominantly deals with diversified machine component manufacturing aligned with its volume and quantity. Apart from that, Uvaska caters to engineering services with a strong hold on mechanical and electrical engineering. This entity of Uvaska works completely on customer requirements, from designing the solutions to execution. The third one in line is automation. It is purely driven by passion as the majority of the key staff possess a strong background in this gamut, which enables this company to offer pristine products that other companies can't provide. The fourth pillar of the lane deals with robotics, which is in its nascent stage, and getting acquainted with the nuances of the robotics market to acquire explicit market.

Uvaska's growth rate indicates the overall development of the company right from the first day in the Indian market. The company's goal is to dominate the market in terms of industrial automation and robotics and manufacturing. Ultimately, this makes Uvaska an absolute machine shop that provides collective services in the country.