UXExpert : Defining UX Strategy to Achieve Perfect UI Solution

Tushar A. Deshmukh,CEO & Founder

Tushar A. Deshmukh

CEO & Founder

Be it physical or digital, the propensity of a product to arouse both an emotional and intellectual response in its consumer is based both on its operation as well as its appearance. There are heaps of websites offering distinct user experience but the real substance at hand is- how that experience differs from other sites with similar content and products and how that unique user experience affects your business? This is exactly where a good UX design team proves itself to be absolutely crucial. A UI/UX provider following a complete UX/UI process rather than just focusing on User Centric Designs to deliver high quality products is the Pune based start-up, UXExpert by Tushar A. Deshmukh, Founder and CEO, UXExpert.

Established in the year 2014 as a"Consultancy Unit" offering UI, UX Consultancy Services, UXExpert,stands as one of the leading contenders in the UX domain providing service to clients spread pan India and a broad. Currently, UX Expert's Clients are
based in Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi and spread across major global locations including: USA, Canada,Israel, Maldives and Australia. Having worked as a creative designer, web designer, UX head with a rich education in the field of UX from Open University, Australia, Deshmukh comes with loaded experience in the UX domain. Through conducting seminars and work shops, Deshmukh has actively participated in spreading UX awareness among IT community. He is the founder of UX UI Professional group on LinkedIn,which has more than 2500 active members across the globe.

The signature hallmark of UXExpert is the incorporation of a perfect UX strategy that achieves perfect workable UI solution

Speaking about the inception of the company, Deshmukh recounted, “Working in different companies in Pune, I observed agap in the formal UX /UI Process,there was a misconception of UX which eventually led to project failures. My repeated attempts to implement UX Process collapsed due to lack of support; how ever with the support of my wife, Mrs. Mugdha Tushar Deshmukh, Partner and CTO, UXExpert, we startedour small setup in Pune, UXExpert which is fully dedicated to UX UIservices”. UXExpert has delivered sophisticated UX Services to
almost all the industries covering: Health Sector, B2B, B2C, e-Learning, Real Estates, Hotel Industry, Food Industry and Machine learning.

The signature hallmark of UXExpert is the incorporation of a perfect UX strategy that achieves perfect workable UI solution. “We take extra effort to make clients understand; give them knowledge about HCI (Human Computer Interactions) and UX UI. We talk about “User First” so every project executed at our end, small or big, we follow the same principle and same process”, affirms Deshmukh.

UXExpert has developed an inclusive UX process that covers: UX Technique, User interviews, requirement gathering with client, building wire frames static or interactive, followed by Interactive Prototypes. Interactive Prototypes provides a platform for start-ups to showcase their ideas before potential investors at a low cost. The final process includes a smooth transition into UI Process and a digital mock-up precedes the final product.

Currently the UXExpert has embarked on another venture offering corporate – professional training in UX-UI at low cost. “We are expecting UXExpert to become one of the leading UX – UI solutions providers across globe. We have started engaging other companies who do not have UX UI skills to extend support and build their UX team”, concluded Deshmukh.