UzhavarBumi: Delivering Farm-fresh products with ample convenience

Vetrivel Palani,Founder & CEO

Vetrivel Palani, Founder & CEO

1970 was the year when Verghese Kurian, the Father of White Revolution lead Operation Flood, world's biggest dairy development program. It transformed India from a milk deficient nation into the world's largest milk producer, surpassing the USA in 1998. UzhavarBumi, a startup extending its reaches from the state of TamilNadu is perhaps acting in remembrance of that great man and redefine the pattern of diary in the country. “Our country had betteraccess to unadulterated, inexpensive milk in the past which is just a dream now for most of the people. I was always fond of a village type life style which will provide a better and healthy life style. And just when the Jallikattu protests erupted, we as a team thought this is the right time to bring in a change and we just went ahead with the flow”, says Vetrivel Palani, Founder & CEO, UzhavarBumi.

What UzhavarBumi is proud of about their service oriented business is the extended amount
of customer satisfaction it has been able to achieve. It is not in a position to have any of its customers disappointed by the service. When it comes to milk and milk-based products, everyone is reminded about the dire necessity of these in a human being’s life. Diary acts as much of the energy that flows through our body and UzhavarBumi is acting to make the process right. Its motto revolves around providing fresh and healthy milk, milk products and cold pressed oils along with the best service possible. Vetrivel says, “As our slogan says, ‘We serve what you deserve,’ which is the primary objective of our organization, serving them without any disappointments and dissatisfaction stands as our secondary objective.”

"UzhavarBumi’s revenue has grown from 15,000 sales per month to 25,000,000 sales per month and this was achieved within a span of 10 months"

An Edge over Others
The founder thinks that creating awareness among people is a major challenge. Apart from Social Media marketing, UzhavarBumi is not primarily engaging in other media promotions. It is planning to launch major media campaigns to overcome this communication gap. It has received a lot of positive customer feedback and everything’s been made public. When it comes to the strength and competitive edge of Uzhavarbumi, it is its way of doing business. “We
ought to serve the milk to our customers within 12 hours of extraction. All the processes from the verification of quantity to the levels of testing to the logistics until it reaches the end consumer, happens inside this 12-hour window”, states Vetrivel. He adds, “Our team is tirelessly striving towards this goal round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year”

What’s Next?
UzhavarBumi's revenue has grown from 15,000 sales per month to 25,000,000 sales per month and this was achieved within a span of 10 months. It has also started procuring milk from around 400 farmers and the milk is being delivered to over 2000 houses every morning. The organization is positioned as one of the fastest growing agro based food supplier. Also, Uzhavarbumi markets and deals in milk, milk-based products & cold-pressed edible oils.

Uzhavarbumi is one of India's first companies in the sector to facilitate refrigerated transportation of products and carry out quality tests in laboratories with qualified experts, making it the most reliable source of agro products in the country. Expressing the future ahead of the company, Vetrivel concludes, “We have plans to open up services at various parts of Tamil Nadu. With the trust we have among the people, we are energized to reach greater heights.”