Vagbhata Herbs: Living With Nature

 Kumarswamy Kalmath,FounderAyurveda is the most ancient form of science that combines the goodness of nature in all its healing practices and can be the ultimate cure for all health problems. Realizing the importance of Ayurveda, the world is finally accepting the benefits it provides and with proven treatment remedies and medicines, Herbal Products are gaining wide access and growth in the market. Established in 2019, Vagbhata Herbs is a Herbal Products manufacturer that focuses on providing not just the cure, but healing. “Our mission is to transform one’s life and lead them through the path of peace and blissfulness by enhancing their quality of health”, says Kumarswamy Kalmath, the founder.

Vagbhata herbs focus on a holistic solution by identifying the problem through the symptoms surface and then delving into the root cause of the problem. “The common misconception we have today is that herbs are a slow path to recovery; they are in fact the safest path to recovery for true health when done right”, says Kumarswamy who cured himself of Migraine and Diabetes through herbal products.

Understanding & Working Through Laws Of Nature
There are hundreds of companies that provide products under the name “herbal” but the refine quality and testing is a crucial aspects.
What mostly lacks is the basic understanding of how nature affects the human body and health. Understanding the laws of nature and addressing the root causes of problems is as important as immediate addressing of the currently facing symptoms.

VAGBHATA HERBS provides world-class products prepared with premium quality ingredients from traditional methods. Ancient formulae are followed viewing current needs. The ingredients used are simple yet powerful when used with the right combination and quantity. Herbs’ healing capabilities are enhanced, when prepared with traditional methods.

The world is gearing back to traditional healing methods and realizing the importance of herbs. The pandemic was the time when Vagbhata’s very own herbal IMMUNO BOOSTER & SHARIR SHODHAK have provided substantial support in recovery & prevention of COVD 19. This is one example of how our natural & traditional herbs can benefit even with the existing and widely used treatment methods. The widespread benefits of Ayurveda have opened doors to many traditional healing methods globally. From Kwatha to Pills & Churna’s, the herbs have proven their effectiveness even when used as home remedies.

Harnessing 5000+ years of advanced knowledge in Ayurveda & natural healing, Vagbhata Herbs uses preparation methods following the laws of nature that can be put to today’s needs. It assures that no compromises are made on the quality end. Vagbhata sources the organic raw ingredients from FSSAI & GMP certified vendors. They are further inspected on quality and shipped timely to the customer through multiple aggregators.

Pandemic Boosted Growth
Vagbhata has been making profits since its launch in 2019. The pandemic especially boosted the morale and the company will stay focused to provide holistic solutions for well-being. So far the marketing practice has been ‘the world of mouth’ from the people who have benefited from the solutions. Receiving tremendous support online and through e-commerce platforms, the company plans to thrive further. It soon plans to set up a Head Office & Manufacturing Unit in Haveri, Karnataka.

VAGBHATA HERBS is planning to provide “Third-party” manufacturing & white labeling facilities to its upcoming clients. The company has an affiliate program “PROMO PARTNERS” which is currently available to existing customers with limited slots. It is expecting double revenue in the next financial year.