Vahak: Building a Digital Ecosystem for the Indian Transport Industry

A major challenge faced by traditional Indian transportation sector is its inherent fragmented and unorganized nature. Also, the business models are typically slow, old and lack optimization. However, the functioning of the transport industry has been affected by various recent phenomenon such as introduction of demonetization, implementation of GST Bill and the advent of various digital technologies. Increased penetration of internet and smart devices has also brought the transport industry online and aided it to gain an organized nature of functioning. Leveraging digital trends to usher in a new era in the Indian transport industry is Vahak, an online transport marketplace & directory app for road transport industry.

Established in 2019, Vahak is the brainchild of Karan Shaha and VikasChandrwat. The Co-Founders and also good friends from their IIT Kanpur days, shared an enthusiasm for solving problems and adding value to them. Soon after their graduation, the duo learnt about the difficulties faced by customers while booking trucks from the market, as the rate fluctuates and finding a trusted transporter is a challenging task. And as young graduates they felt this is an opportunity where they can bring in their solutions to the market and make the best use of this breakthrough, Vahak was incepted.

An Online Network Connecting Transporters
Through Vahak the company is trying to help the small transporters, small lorry owners, transport companies, brokers and agents to gain more customers and create an online brand and network for them-selves. The features that are avail-able on Vahak application are Live Marketplace, live loads accessible by customers. Additionally customers or vehicle owners can improve their profile based on the connections, ratings, reviews and documentation uploaded. The customers can create an online space for themselves which will be secured through verification and also, create online auctions.
A major element for the flourishing of Vahak and their online services are its key individuals, Karan Shaha, Co-Founder, Vahak says, "Before establishing Vahak, we have worked for 4 years on the ground level of this transportation sector, through which we generated 1.25 crores of revenue through these services. From our experience of working at ground level, where we worked as transporters ourselves, we understood the deeply rooted problems in this sector and have offered value-adding solutions through the launch of Vahak. We have been blessed to have few Angel Investors at Vahak, such as AbhishekGoyal, Founder of Tracxn, Amit Gupta, Founder of Yulu Bikes and Archana, Ex-Partner at Unicorn India Ventures."

Karan Shaha & Vikas Chandrwat,Co-Founders

Today, Vahak has made its strong presence in more than 5000 locations across the country and is rap-idly expanding their business and is currently the community of over 1.5 lakh transport businesses comprising of transport companies, brokers, agents, small lorry owners, and consigners joining the platform. "Speaking about the growth of our company, as soon as Vahak was launched, we witnessed a great response from the market, in a few months we had already on boarded about 10,000 transporters on the platform.

Vahak has made its strong presence in more than 5000 locations across the country and over 1.5 lakh users

I can say that was a good milestone for us, also we were improving our application along the way. In last one year, Vahak has grown 15 times since its inception, currently, we have about 1.5 lakh transporters on our plat-form. In the upcoming days, we are looking forward to enlarging our business, improve the technology and add more features to our product and are aiming to have 5-10 lakh transporters on board in the next one year", concludes Karan Shaha.