Vajra Global Consulting Services: Providing All - Encompassing Startegies And Execution For Digital Marketing

Businesses today are looking for end-to-end marketing solutions to amplify their business growth without having to run to multiple solution providers, thus getting it all under a single roof. Started in 2016, Vajra Global Consulting Services is an end-to-end digital marketing company that helps clients fulfil their marketing needs like brand awareness, lead generation or customer engagement.
Ganapathy Sankarabaaham,CEO
Four Pillars of Operational Strength
The team designed the organisation with a customer-first approach. There are four pillars of operation supported by horizontal customer success and support teams.
1.Technology - web, marketing/sales automation, chatbot
2.Creative - Design[branding,Ui/UX, presentation, video] and Content[Blog, copywriting, white paper]
3. Marketing - inbound marketing, SEO social media, email marketing, paid media advertising
4. Analytics - pipeline analysis, user journey, attribution model

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly, and one of the significant challenges companies face is to determine which channel to use and how much to spend. Vajra Global excels in helping its customers map business goals to digital marketing channels.

Vajra specialises in working with technology, supply chain, eCommerce and events industry verticals. They have tons of experience promoting SaaS products taking them from ideation to launch and market expansion.

Vajra Global's practice teams continuously study, observe patterns, and experiment with building marketing models for their focus industries. They believe every customer situation is unique and customise their marketing models to match the customer's needs.
POWER is the marketing delivery framework of Vajra and extended for each of its marketing practices. The process starts with understanding the big picture of the client goals and base lining their current situation. The holistic view helps build a robust strategy and a thorough execution plan. The framework also has operations, reporting and governance models.

The dream team behind the success Vajra started as a bootstrap business with three partners and zero investment. The headcount now stands at 75 employees. The company has grown gradually, and in its 5-year growth journey, it realised that customers needed a partner that builds and executes a holistic market plan.

Vajra global provides a scalable holistic marketing strategy for your business and follows it through with precise execution

Vajra created a diverse team of marketers, technologists, designers, writers, research analysts, project managers, and business leaders to support this. The team has rich experience working for global companies in different geographies. Vajra plans to increase to 150-200 employees in the next year.

Vajra has invested in creating robust processes and is looking to extend this to build a powerful martech platform that will help accelerate results for its clients.

Giving back to the society
Vajra's team is enthusiastic about giving back to society and works through different NGOs to achieve this. It has a structured program to select NGOs to support and helps them with marketing advisory, branding and execution support. It has completed about 10+ projects in the current year.

Looking ahead
Vajra has a global clientele of fast-growing startups, unicorns and successful large enterprises in India, the US, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore and Australia. It plans to grow deeper relations with existing clients and bring new ones. It wants to be a thought leader contributing positively to the industry.