ValueFin India Credit Services: A NBFC Enabling Growth of Value Chains in Agriculture & MSME Sector and Building Rural Digital Branches

Manoj Rawat,  Founder & CEO

Manoj Rawat, Founder & CEO

Truth always comes to light no matter the difficulties. The underlying truth that pervades the business ecosystem of India today is that it is located at all the urbanised sector of the country that constitutes only 30 percent of the whole.

Manoj Rawat, an industry veteran and domain expert with more than 22 years of experience and the Founder & CEO of ValueFin India, explains the scenario. According to him, the count of the number of businesses that are operational in the rural India is much more than the number that in the cities. One the biggest bottlenecks for most of these Agro & MSME enterprises to scale up, to sustain and grow profitably is the lack of access of credit to affordable credit, from formal cred¬it delivery system. The credit falls within the Priority Sector Lending (PSL) ambit which remains a massive untapped profitable opportunity but still is approached with reluctance and perceived as an obligation.

ValueFin India’s objective is to purvey financial services to Rural
India and especially address the credit needs that enables enterprises in Agro & Rural Value chains in a timely manner, eases the documentation process through digital intervention, improves turnaround time (TAT) and delivers credit at fair rates, by bringing in more efficiency and cutting on unwanted costs.

"ValueFin India’s objective is to purvey financial services to Rural India and especially address the credit needs that enable enterprises in Agro & Rural Value chains in a timely manner"

“At ValueFin India, we are working on both pre-harvest and post-harvest solutions for farmer and farmer producer companies (FPCs). It is often observed that farmers after harvesting the crop, struggle to get the rightful price in the glut season forcing him into a distress sale, which we are trying to address through affordable post-harvest management financial solutions including digital warehouse receipt system as also providing them updated market price information. At ValueFin India, we work with banks to route and collect credit through the formal system” says Manoj Rawat.

In wide sense, ValueFin India, aims to play a role in enabling and strengthening the rural business ecosystem, with new technology, efficient credit delivery system and working on a partnership approach that shall help Agro & Micro Enterprises, unlock their real potential and grow profitably. Manoj Rawat says “The segment in
which we are operating offers a massive more than US$600 Bn market opportunity. As company we are expecting that in a span of five years we can build a high quality retail asset book of the size of US$1 bn (Rs 7000 cr) with a cumulative loan disbursement of INR 12,000 Cr. ValueFin India extends retail loans for building business or enterprise development to over One lakh agro and nonagro MSMEs including thousands of Farmer Producer Companies (FPC) across the country. Building on strong understanding of business, having good field team and riding on digitally enable and efficient credit delivery, we’ll be able to offer affordable rate of interest to our rural customers, offer more than 20 percent Return on Equity (RoE) to our investors with a 3.0-4.0 percent Return on Assets(RoA) which will create significant value for all stakeholders.”

Further Manoj Rawat, expressed that one of the far reaching benefits of financing of the Agro & Rural businesses is that it will create numerous employment opportunities in Rural India. He concludes, “Over the next five years, ValueFin India, aims to create more than five lakh employment opportunities across the country, besides enabling many Agro and Rural enterprises to its growth trajectory. ValueFin India aims to make a case that Priority Sector Lending can be turned profitable opportunity rather than an obligation, as being perceived today.”