Valuesec Technology & Consulting: An Emerging Force In The Indian Cyber Security Services

Deepak Saini,  Founder

Deepak Saini


Although the ongoing global phenomenon of the ‘Digital Revolution’ is a boon to business across all industries, it has also brought along a host of cybersecurity challenges due to massive amounts of data being generated each day. With the cyberattacks evolving with each passing day and cyber criminals constantly innovating & finding new ways to penetrate/infect any system, the need for efficient data security practices is at an all-time high. As a result, organizations are constantly on the lookout for cybersecurity solutions that are not only efficient and reliable but also align with their core business operations.

Among the huge number of companies operating in the industry currently, one company that has been gaining widespread appreciation from the business fraternity is the Noida based Valuesec Technology & Consulting. Deepak Saini(Founder)incepted Valuesec in 2022 with the vision to enable businesses to achieve maximum ROI for their cybersecurity investments. Today, the company has earned a reputation for being one of the fastest growing and sought after cybersecurity services providers in India.

“Our approach is unique because we help IT leaders to run the cyber program as business enablers, which also means we sell the right service for the right purpose which helps business to grow. Valuesec is a flexible organization that believes security is not a one time thing, so we help CISOs to keep up their cyber security strategy always to combat ever-evolving threats”, says Deepak Saini, Founder, Valuesec Technology & Consulting.
As an end-to-end cybersecurity services & consulting firm, Valuesec provides services under three major categories Offensive Cybersecurity, Defensive Cybersecurity, and Enterprise Security Apps. Other additional services that the company offers include Cyber Strategy Consultation, CISO-as-a-Service, Sec Ops Manpower, Data Integrity Audits, IT Audits, and Regulatory Compliance.

We enable businesses to reshape their defenses & build resilience, thus making them battle-ready to face any emerging threats & quickly resolve security incidents

Under offensive security services, the company offers Social Engineering, Web App Penetration Testing, Mobile App Penetration Testing, Red Team Engagements, Wi-Fi Pen Testing, Infra Pen Testing, Internal & External Pen Testing, Cloud Penetration Testing, and Rogue Physical Intrusions. On the defensive security front, the major services it offers include Risk assessments, Source Code Review, Incident Response Planning, Cyber Awareness Transformation Services, Threat Hunting, Active Directory Security Assessment, and Vulnerability Management services.

“We enable businesses to reshape their defenses and build resilience, thus making them battle ready to face any dormant threats and quickly resolve security incidents. We mimic real hackers, where in we proactively use similar TTPs that are used by real attackers and help our clients to discover the serious issues to work on. Additionally, we have partnered with over 40 leading OEMs for seamless rollout and integration of enterprise grade applications for your cybersecurity requirements”, explains Deepak.

What makes the company truly a notch higher than the rest are the core principles that it imbibes in its every process Empathy, Holistic Approach, Integrity, Trust, and Solid ROI. Owing to such industry best practices and exemplary service offerings, Valuesec today has successfully served over 25 customers and completed 50+ projects to date. Some of its clientele include Bira91 Beverages, Hippo Stores, Mango Mass Media, India Optel, Intellimedia Networks, Datavium, Ecubix, Propelor, and Facctum to name a few.

“Going forward, we aspire to become one of the most trusted and sought after companies in the Indian cybersecurity space in the next 10 years. Also, we have started putting more effort to expand our services in the entire US, Canada, and EU region. Additionally, we have started focusing more on managed service (MSSP) business model and also are planning to launch a cybersecurity product in next three years to help enterprises in data security and compliance”, concludes Deepak.