Varcas Automobiles: Targeting a Deeper Penetration in the Indian EV Market

   Ram Vemireddy ,      CEOSustainability has been a topic of debate in the past few decades and though it took time, the world is finally coming around to adopt the practice, for the generations to come. One of the many areas to adopt sustainable solutions is Electric Vehicles. There is no room of doubt that fuel replacement is no more an option, rather a necessity and Electronic Vehicles are a start to a positive change. Established in 2018, Varcas Automobiles is one such brand in the segment providing mobility solutions and converting the masses towards use of Electric Vehicles, thereby reducing carbon foot-print and making the country a healthier place to live.

Headquartered in Hyderabad Varcas Automobiles has completed 3 years in the industry and is currently in its 4th year of operations. Every business was impacted by the recent waves of the Covid but building strength by strength, and emerging successful is commendable. “Being more than 3 years in the market, Varcas Automobiles have proven their worth, efficiency, and reliability, being a popular choice among the customers. The key demographic that the company is targeting currently are Tier- 2, Tier-3 markets followed by Tier-1, and the Metros”, says Ram Vemireddy - CEO - VARCAS Automobiles.

Thriving on Professional Expertise
The core leadership at Varcas team comprises of experienced professionals and majority of them are Engineers from Electronics, Automotive, Mechanical, Computer Science backgrounds. The team brings a combined experience of 80 plus years on the table and more than 20+ years of experience in varied Industry viz Software, IT Security & Protection, Automotive. The company has expanded from 25 employees in 2019 and currently stands at a strength of a 130 plus employees. The business objective is to reduce pollution and contribute to the market penetration from 5% to 30% in next 5 years.

Varcas Automobiles believes that there is a huge deal of potential for it in the EV market and when it comes to a feel-good factor for the environment, the payback to the environment and the society by helping middle class people to save their hard-earnings and improving their life style by using EV, brings a lot of satisfaction. Varcas intends to create an impact for both manufacturers and users.

Varcas intends to create an impact for both manufacturers and users

Speed Efficiency and Affordable Pricing
Varcas has developed products in both low speed and high speed and achieved 100% localization content. It currently has 5 Models in Scooters and 3 models in E-Cycles. At the competitive front, they are as efficient and powerful, and proven for their performance, as the other contemporaries.

Varcas also has IOT based features(GPS Navi, Trips,Remote Immobilization, Alerts Theft, Crash etc.)in the products that are optional for customers, offering upto 3* years of warranty on certain components. It has served more than 28,000+ happy customers spread across 110+ towns across 20+ states.

The Government’s support and the customers’ response has been a motivation to the energy and keeps the company thriving further. Varcas is currently catering to the B2B space, it later intends to grow strongly and register its presence in the B2C space as well. With adaptations in place, and having registered a revenue of 90+ crores for 3rd year, it plans to launch at least 3 New products during the Fiscal year 2022-23, targeting 2x growth.