Vastrique: Embrace Your Uniqueness

Shekhar Gupta,Founder & Marketing Head

Shekhar Gupta

Founder & Marketing Head

In the world of contemporary lifestyle, it takes something truly special to stand out. This is what Vastrique is mastering. The company understands that every individual is different in terms of personality & preferences and knows that people wanting to buy unique and trending fashion shell out their hard-earned money to shop new arrivals at full price or get lured by deep discounts on slow-selling inventories or dead stocks. Here comes Vastrique to disrupt Indian fashion space by delivering the trendiest fashion products at affordable prices to customers.

The Start Story
While spending years as an employee and intrapreneur, Shekhar Gupta always had an urge to be on the other side of the fence as an entrepreneur and make a higher impact. He wanted to startup either in a nascent market or find a gap in an established market. Hailing from an electrical engineering background and a hobby of flying drones, he was inclined towards launching Drone Taxi in India. Meanwhile during his research and identifying gaps in the highly competitive fashion market, Shashank Tomar, a long-time friend expressed his keen interest to join the tech-enabled fashion startup. Realizing a huge gap in the market and increasing demand, they launched Vastrique - A tech-enabled and data-driven B2B2C ecosystem to shop the trendiest fashion apparel at lowest prices in India.

The brand is an amalgamation of B2B and B2C model to ensure efficient stock supply of unique and trendiest fashion apparel to boutiques and last-mile delivery to buyers. "We ensure to provide the trendiest fashion including new arrivals at `everyday low prices' so that our customers don't have to
anticipate or wait for any specific sale date for discounts. `Customer centricity' lies strongly within our core, ensuring customer experience and interactions are consistently smooth. Furthermore, we have ingrained `customer-obsession' into the very culture of the organization which enables us in treating each customer like a celebrity and we are their die-hard fans!" says Shekhar Gupta, Founder & Marketing Head.

The company enables e-Commerce through collaboration and deep application of technology. It believes that fashion is all about expressing one's self. Therefore, its purpose is to make fashion purchases easy, experiential, and personalized for fashion consumers. To achieve this purpose, it strives to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. "Vastrique endeavours to deliver unique products which helps fashion consumers to accentuate their personality and embrace their uniqueness! We are focusing on providing fast delivery through decentralized warehouses, and personalized shopping assistance for a remarkable shopping experience for our customers," says Shekhar Gupta.

Shashank Tomar, Co-founder & Operations Head

The bootstrapped startup is observing 6x year-on-year growth in terms of revenue for the last 2 years. It aims to be a $31 million USD revenue generating brand by end of the year 2022. "We do get requests from international customers mostly NRI's to book their orders and we manually process these orders and ship it to their address. In Q4 2020, international customers will be able to directly place their orders online at and this will provide a major boost in website traffic, sales, and average ticket size which is $40 USD at present." exclaims Shashank Tomar, Co-Founder & Operations Head.

Vastrique endeavours to deliver unique products which helps fashion consumers to accentuate their personality and embrace their uniqueness!

Experiencing a roller coaster ride through the course of the journey, it looks forward to expanding the core team, strengthening the technology, and ramping up marketing spend to drive revenue growth. The Bangalore-based company will launch an app in Q2 2021 and later will integrate a one-of-a-kind community platform for fashion influencers and consumers.