Vavo Digital: Taking Influencer Marketing to the Next Level

Neha Puri,CEO & Founder

Neha Puri

CEO & Founder

According to reports, the Indian marketing and advertising industry is expected to grow at an exponential rate, and influencer marketing will have a considerable share in this growth. Recently released figures show that the value of the industry has more than doubled since 2019, growing from $6.5 billion to $13.8 billion in only three years.The power of social media and its ability to impact reality has taken influencer marketing to new heights. It is giving widespread publicity to products and services in a very systematic and cost effective manner. However, not all the service providers in this domain can offer the complete range of services to help the clients with ROI based marketing executions. The industry is hugely unorganized as there is a lack of a single provider who can offer a complete package of technologically advanced innovations and influencer marketing services in the realm of advertising and marketing.

Vavo Digital is a startup that aims at filling this gap in the market and become a complete solution provider. It is a one of a kind influencer marketing startup that has gained significant traction in a very short span of time. The company specializes in 360 degree influencer marketing (ideation, strategy, curation, direction, and optimization) and works with verified Nano and Micro influencers with a targeted following. It also provides reviews on third party platforms to boost the brand's reputation and credibility, as well as regular collaborations and campaigns on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,
LinkedIn and MX Taka Tak.

NehaPuri, CEO & Founder, Vavo Digital states, "We started out in Sept 2020 and within a year we have generated revenue of approximately 4 crores. With a database of 50,000+ Influencers on LinkedIn, 3,75,000+ active national and regional Influencers on Instagram, 2,00,000+ Active YouTube Influencers, 50,000+ active national and regional influencers on short video platforms, 12+ Categories of Influencers PAN India, association with India's top 5 agencies, & 75+ clients served, we are not only just generating revenue but we are also growing as a team."

The company specializes in 360-degree influencer marketing(ideation, strategy, curation, direction, and optimization) and works with verified Nano and Micro influencers with a targeted following

Wide Range of Services
Apart from influencer marketing projects, the company plans on further expanding their focus on influencer training which will help them in developing an ecosystem of learned resources who are more educated about the ways of harnessing a larger audience through their content. Also, with the application of AI/ML, the avenues for growth are set to be explored in the influencer marketing space as well. The company has also ventured into the realm of building AR Filters, curating jingles for short video apps, Moment Marketing, and hashtag trending on Twitter as a result of technology breakthroughs.

Neha mentions, "When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, and everything went digital, I took it as an opportunity and laid the foundation of VAVO Digital, a platform that connects brands and influencers digitally and directly, streamlining this ever growing marketing medium by eliminating intermediaries and giving every influencer an equal chance to showcase their content and skills to brands."

Looking at the Future
While the company has developed a solid market for influencer marketing, they also want to create a platform for influencers to share their knowledge. To aid influencers in achieving their goal of becoming well-known content creators with a large following, the brand is focusing on making their educational courses available to all influencers across the country soon, allowing them to understand data analytics beyond likes, comments, and followers. The founder concludes, "With a comprehensive technical understanding of the working mechanics of influencer marketing, we will be able to extend our portfolio and gain more from our efforts."