Separator Leveraging Technology to Simplify MRO Sourcing

(R)Vinay Bothra, Co-Founder & CEO,(L)Namrata Bothra, Founder

(R)Vinay Bothra, Co-Founder & CEO

(L)Namrata Bothra, Founder

In Jan 2015, Namrata Bothra had just moved back from the US and realized how the Indian market was fragmented and disorganized. On further discussing the issue with Vinay, who is an expert and had been in the Filter manufacturing for over 25+ years, they both identified major flaws in the Manufacturing sector, whereby the factory purchase managers were still struggling with Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) purchases. This is when the co-founders discovered the need for aggregators and ventured into setting-up

Pioneering B2B e-Commerce Business Model
In a country where the B2C model has attained unimaginable attention and great responses from customers, the B2B model, on the other hand, is still yet to pick up the pace. In fact, in retrospection, many have tried and failed miserably. However, in the years to come, the US$ 45 billion dollar MRO industry is definitely going to create a big wave, and Vaxia has caused that ripple within the industry by enabling tech to address challenges of aggregation, where they have integrated effective ERP system in place. “We have created our business around the availability of products. We have made sure that within the categories we work, the products are available and can be supplied in a reasonable timeframe,” asserts Namrata.

Since there exists a huge buyer-supplier disconnect, the industry is completely unorganized. The manufacturers following the traditional aspects involve many transactions and have to connect with multiple vendors. This inevitably leads to a lower visibility into the demand patterns, causing inefficiency in the inventory management.
Therefore,successful in bridging the gap, Vaxia has become instrumental in solving the quintessential problems that exist in the industry today. More than anything, Vaxia’s unique platform saves 15-18 percent of the manufacturing cost to its clients and provides visibility to all the vendors, as it essentially bridges the gap between the suppliers and buyers. Vinay further emphasizing on the win-win situation of the platform speaks, “As an aggregator, we are creating a perfect gateway for companies to discover products, negotiate prices, compare multiple vendors, and ensure easy billing options among a plethora of other benefits.”

Adding to this, Namrata avers “Most importantly, we are making sure that there are no supply chain inefficiencies and there is complete visibility into the entire process of buying and selling.”

The Journey – Creating a Disruption in Supply Chain Management (SCM)
“It took us a while to get suppliers on board,” says Vinay. During the vetting stage of the idea, every client the co-founders approached loved the idea. Manufacturers adored the concept. However, the price challenge came from the supplier’s end.

Because the company was bypassing the dealers sometimes, the suppliers were a little reluctant to Vaxia’s disruption in the supply chain. “Because of GST, many suppliers now realize the advantage of the platform and are slowly came on board and are taking the business and platform to a whole new level,” assert Vinay.

Today, a majority of the competitors are going after big names. Namrata, emphasizing on the company’s core agenda speaks “We are building a large catalog of qualified amount of trust, with bestowed delivery, automatically attracts big clients.”

She further explicates “I can Google and get any product information. So, we are not really interested in building a very large product platform or a product portfolio, rather, whatever is available, whatever is shown as the quanlified product, the prices,
and the delivery level. It will be available only on that. Reliability is the only message we want to go ahead and give it all our clients.”

Vaxia’s Road to Expansion
Sailing against the wind, Vaxia growing 15 percent MoM, at this point in time is focused on manufacturing industry, specifically to the large enterprise clients and MSMEs. Currently, operating in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and West Bengal, Vaxia has plans to expand pan India. Explaining the growth plan ahead, Vinay concludes “Our focus at the moment is to build a large supply chain with a huge number of customers, protect our margins around it and then propose for funding, and then we would be able to expand.”

Key Management:
Namrata Bothra, Founder,
At the age of 18, Namrata moved to the USA, to pursue her undergraduate studies at ‘Bradley University’ IL USA, where she majored in International Business and Entrepreneurship in 2014. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and her love for entrepreneurship made her dive head on to give shape to start in 2015. She believes in creating something from scratch instead of working for large corporations. As a young entrepreneur, her strong desire to change the industry and help enterprise procure MRO items at ease and create transparency in the entire process has paved a way for first of its kind B2B e-Commerce platform –

Vinay Bothra, Co-Founder & CEO,
Vinay is a business evangelist. He has more than 25+ years of work experience in the MRO procurement process. During his professional career, he has worked with some of the big names in the industry, at top managerial levels. Today, as the co-founder and CEO at Vaxia, he takes immense pride in his team, where they have created a solid platform that formulates a perfect gateway that is said to take B2B e-Commerce industry to a whole new level.

Industry & Technology Experts backing Vaxia’s Success Story:
• Bill Huber & Avinash Harsh